Monday, June 7, 2010

Musings of a Seven-year-old Mind

Tonight Sarah asked me to lay down with her as she went to sleep. She seemed a bit troubled, so I left the laundry and came to her room. As I lay there she told me what was on her mind.
Sarah: "Mom, when old people die, do they die forever?"
Mom: "Nope, their body goes into the ground, but their Spirit goes up to heaven. But when Jesus comes again, then their spirit will be back with their body again."
Sarah: "Mom, will my dead butterfly that I just threw away be back with his body too."
Mom: "Well, I think that Heavenly Father and Jesus know how much you love your butterflies, so maybe he will be resurrected right onto your finger"
Sarah: "Mom, what about the one today that died while trying to make it out of his cacoon? How will Jesus fix that?"
Mom: "oh Sarah, I am sure that Jesus knows how to fix that, he did create the butterfly you know."
Sarah: "Mom, maybe you should wake up dad and ask him."
Mom: "Don't you believe me?"
Sarah: "Well........"

Just a glimpse of things that run constantly through Sarah's mind. Just thought you might want to know.

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bek said...

maybe you SHOULD wake morgan up and ask him. his answer might be more satisfactory.