Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is HOT!!

Here are some things the Johnson's do in the summertime....
First of all, we found this amazing momma bird, quite by accident really. We were headed to lunch one day and Will started closing in on a squacking bird on the ground. I wondered why the bird just didn't fly away like they usually do when Sarah shrieked...."There are eggs underneath her!!!!"

And she was right!! I still can't quite figure out why this momma bird decided that the hot gravel was a good place to raise her kids, but then again, I guess this momma decided to raise her four kids in the heat too.
Here are the beautiful eggs. And don't worry, we didn't touch them and we are really, really excited to watch the progress of this little family over time.
Here is one of our stops on a hot afternoon. The Gilbert Public Schools are offering free breakfasts and lunches for kids ages 1-18 all summer long. It is a great help to our food budget and the kids eat more when it is on a cafeteria tray, I am not sure why! (Maybe I should serve my food on cafeteria trays....hummm)
And my kids try to find "misters" wherever they go. They take the edge off the heat....but alas, you can still feel the 115 degree rays burning down on you. Will called this one outside the Harkin's Theater a "Tree that rains".
Here is one of our other "hot" spots. On Thursdays we go to the Harkin's Movie Theater. We have tickets for every Thursday until the end of summer, and it only cost 35.00 for the whole summer, for all five of us! Thanks Grandma Wiemer for figuring out this wonderful deal. The movie theater plays kid movies that aren't new on the big screen and the kids love it.
And sometimes, in the evening, we watch Daddy play softball at our church.
But, probaby our favorite place to go on a very hot day is the Water N' Ice!! We have to try ALL of their Hawaiin Ice flavors... only about 70 to go!

And Canyon went with us the other day while he was visiting..... tons of fun!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

I am not jealous of the heat! But I am jealouse of the Hawiian ice! YUMMM!!!! Sounds like fun!

Strong Family - said...

That's the same kind of bird that we've been watching at the school by our house. Same wouldn't fly away and then Dallin found the eggs. They are called Killdeer birds. The eggs don't hatch for a month almost, and then the babies run all around on the ground like baby chicks. That's why they lay the eggs on the ground. They like gravel because it blends in with the speckled eggs. How fun!!!

April said...

Ahh, someone beat me to it! That bird is a Killdear! They are so cute!!

bek said...

that bird is amazing! i can't believe that. you should have lund report that in his birding club.