Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't you Wish your Bishop was Hot like me?!!!

After five years, three months, and 12 days of faithful service, Morgan was released as the Bishop of the Bagdad Ward! That means that I had to erase the message I put up on the blackboard by the back door about four years ago!! And starting next week, Morgan will be sitting with us on our row... down with the regular Saints..he he!! Oh wait, they asked him to speak next week... so maybe the following week!!! I knew I married the right man 12 years ago, but I have learned so much more about my husband's integrity and courage and dedication to the Lord. I am truly in love with him over and over again!!! Congratulations Morgan on serving faithfully for so long!!!!

Man, what am I going to write on my blackboard now???
Here we are standing outside our building with him as Bishop one last time.
The church is true!!!


runningfan said...

Wow! What a milestone. I'm glad you found such a wonderful man to marry!

Bonnie Hynes said...

...and....DONE! Congrats Morgan. Christa, you get your husband back!! YAY!