Friday, May 7, 2010

Chemo coma, Anthropologie, and other tidbits...

This week has been the usual "chemo blur" where everything ties together and nothing quite makes sense. I will try to tie a few thoughts together tonight to give everyone an update, but don't expect perfect synchronicity.

This week we have had the immense pleasure of having Juliet, Morgan's older sister, staying with us. She is a woman of stamina and kept up with my brood like an old pro!! The kids loved having her and I couldn't believe how well she kept the house running. I am not sure she even slept while she was here because there wasn't time to sleep and get it all done. I wish I had enough sense of mind to have taken pictures of her interacting with the kids, but I was in bed the whole time. Juliet, get some rest and know that we really, really, really appreciated your service!!!

Another interesting tidbit this week came when I won a contest. I actually won a contest!!! I had forgotten that I had even entered the contest, so that was extra fun!! A week ago, I entered a give away for an Anthropologie card on NieNie's blog. I never thought anything of it, especially when there there were over 2800 entries and only one winner. But, I started getting comments on my blog of congradulations, and then I realized that I was actually the winner!!! Hippp Hooray!!! I have never had the opportunity to shop at Anthropology and I am really, really excited!!! I will have to post what I buy with my gift card someday.

I can honestly say that I am really, really glad that this chemo week will be over soon. I would have to say that this has maybe been one of the worst chemo weeks so far. The pain kind of reminds me of an instance that happened when I was a kid. We used to have a hide-a-bed couch and one night I was having a sleep over and I got to sleep in the hide-a-bed. Well, you know how those hide-a-beds have metal bars all over them, and being a kid, I was running around everwhere and ran into one of the metal bars that night. I can still remember the ringing feeling of metal on bone and how much it hurt. And that is the only way I can compare how it feels this week in my bones. They will be totally normal for a minute, and then... booom!! It's like I just racked my leg again on the metal bar. But it happens to all the bones in my body, so I will be glad when this week is over.

Here is a random picture of Sarah last Sunday on her birthday before church. What a doll!

And here is another random moment: My kids are still the type that like to cuddle with daddy during a movie!! I hope they never outgrow this stage!!


runningfan said...

You were the lucky winner on NieNie? Sweet!!!

Bonnie Hynes said...

I almost entered that contest...looks like it would have been a waste of time! Congrats...great store. And, you can't be too out of it if you can use the word synchronicity in a sentence! Love will all be over soon

Juliet said...

Hi Christa - Congrats on winning the contest, cool, I'd love to see what you get :) I left your house with so much love in my heart and still feel it. I feel lucky to have been able to spend the time with you and all. It was a real blessing for me to get closer to you and your whole "brood". Caterpillars with Sarah, dances from Cassidy, toilet cleaning with Will and chats and breakfasts with Lund. I also remember very fondly long talks with you and Morgan. Such deepening and closeness afforded by this crisis - kind of ironic. I look forward to continuing to spend time together and many more talks and adventrues in the post-healing years!

My talk went very well yesterday and it was great to reconnect with many old colleagues. Whew, I'm glad to not have to worry about that anymore. You are a great writer. Hang in there. I am rooting for you always.


Mandy said...

Christa - I hope you get feeling better. I love to read your blog - you have such a great attitude. Congrats on the contest. You'll have a blast shopping at Anthropologie.