Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mutter's Day!!

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Mutter's Day!!! I know I did!!! I recieved many gifts of love...
Here are the scarves made by Cassidy and Lund at school. They are sooo adorable and they tell me that they are "100% silk" and make me look like a movie star!!!
Morgan and the kids got me a cookbook I have been oogling over for a while! I am sooo very excited to dive in and cook some stuff when I am feeling up to it!
And they also got me a new pair of jammies!!! I spend about 70% of my life in jammies, so I was very excited for another pair to add to my collection!!!!
And you have to love the flowers made by Sarah and Will. I just love the homemade stuff the little kiddos make! Will also made me an adorable rock at preschool that he painted and put eyes on, but before I could take a picture of it, he had eaten all the eyes off and had licked all the glitter off as well. Yum!!
I also had the opportunity to speak in church this Mother's Day and it was really a neat experience. I chose to speak about Mother's and even interviewed my kids and told their responses. Here it is out of the mouth of babes....
Question #1: What does a mother do??
*Sarah: She cleans, they help their little sons to get dressed. And they brush little babies teeth. Oh, and mothers take their kids to school.
*Lund: I would say that she helps around the house. She helps and supports her kids and she helps in whatever way she can.
* Cassidy: Oh, a lot of things. She cleans, takes care of the kids, etc... (she loves to use etc. nowadays!)
*Will: She doesn't fight. She takes a nap. She takes a nap again and she bees tired.
Question #2: How do you know Mom loves you?
*Sarah: Because she tells you it everyday and because you are family and families love each other.
*Lund: She is nice to me. She says she loves me everyday and it feels like she really does love me.
* Cassidy: In her deeds and the way you feel around her.
*Will: You come by and you come back, and you go fast driving! Cars are really big, they are this big (holding out arms)! Mommy loves me this big (holding out arms again)!
Question #3: How much do you love your mom?
*Sarah: All the way to the moon and back.... unless the sun is farther, and then all the way to the sun!
*Lund: More than I can imagine!
*Cassidy: A zillions and zillions of miles further than the eye can see!
*Will: As big as my mom!!! That's how big I love her!! 7 feet tall!!! It makes your heart feel wide!!
It was truly an action-packed Sacrament Meeting with the calling of the new Bishopric, me having to speak, and the appearance of a HUGE spider on the ceiling that had half of the congregation moving throughout the meeting to avoid it falling on their heads!!! Action-packed ladies and gentlemen!!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Fun to wake up to the kids comments on Mom's love. They are pretty right on. The more I think about that spider in church the more I think it could be a Mormon comedy sketch on a show maybe called Sunday Night Live.
Thank you for sharing.
Mom Johnson

Grandma LeSueur said...

That's what Mother's Day is all about! I loved that post.