Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Favorite Easter Moment....

There are many memories that I hold dear from this Easter...
  1. Watching conference all weekend and into Monday with my family and extended family.
  2. Eating appetizers at my sister's house in between Conference sessions...yummy
  3. Sleeping in and not fighting the kids to get into Sunday clothes and bathe (heaven forbid)
  4. Celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday that just happen to fall on Easter Sunday. Good planning on his mom's part if you ask me to see 60 years into the future for this wonderful day.
  5. Eating lot's of candy.
  6. Finishing reading Fablehaven 5... o.k. that has nothing to do with Easter, I just happened to finish it over the weekend. (Loved it, by the way)
  7. Going to the movie "How to Train your Dragon" with my mom and the kids while the menfolk went to the Priesthood session. (Really loved it)
But, this would have to be my favorite memory. Sarah allowed her daddy to hold her brand new bunny (that's a big sacrifice for her), and they fell asleep together. Now that is wonderful!!!

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Elizabeth said...

I love your blog, Sis. Johnson! Your kids are so big now, I love seeing pictures. I hope you're doing OK with everything--It looks like nothing can keep you down! That's so awesome. You're in my prayers (and my family's). :o)