Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Boy, it's picture day!

It was Little League picture day today here in Bagdad and we have all four kids in Little League this year, so we are quite "invested". I felt very "invested" as I wrote a check for all their pictures. You will see everyone except Cassidy in this blog entry because she was home sick today with a cold/fever. We will try later to get a picture of all four of them in their outfits or "costumes" as Cassidy calls them.

Picture Day for Will meant rolling in the grass and getting as dirty as he possibly could before the pictures were taken.
Here are our two Phillies and our Dback

and of course, it just wouldn't be right if Sarah didn't find a cute baby to steal. This is the Hulse's baby, Eric, who is 5 months and VERY adorable!
Here is Lund's very serious Majors team all looking snazzy!
And our goofy T-ball kids!
I love watching T-ball kids try to "pose" for pictures!!

Sarah is the only girl on the team, but she can sure hold her own with those boys!

Will asked me if he could do this "pose" for his picture.....hummmm
We went with this instead. I was VERY suprized that he even knew how to hold a bat, cuz he sure hasn't been able to at practice. This will be a very "interesting" season for him and I think he will learn a lot along the way.
The Phillies
Lund, and the other boys, had other ideas while waiting for their pictures. Lund is the one about to catch the ball, (unless it just stolen by the kid with the hat). he was all "grass stained-up" by the time his pictures came around. You'd hate to look "too clean" I suppose!
My goofballs holding still for a second!


Tom & Lindsey said...

Yep, I am finally trying to slow down life and take care of the important things. No, I had no idea about you having been diagnosed with cancer. How are you doing? We are in Gilbert. We have been here for several years and love it. My prayers are with you and your family. Lindsey

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Lookin' good!
Love, Grama and Grandpa