Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's go fishing....

A tradition that has been handed down from Morgan's family each Easter is to have "Easter fish". What that means in "normal terms" is that the kids basically have to "fish" for their baskets and goodies. It has been a wonderful tradition and I think this was our 12th annual one. It is very fun to keep traditions alive in future generations.
See how fancy we are with our tacked-up sheet and broom fishing pole.
Will was VERY excited to get a water gun this year and has sprayed me many times since then.
Just thought that I would share our fun tradition with you... Morgan's dad says that this tradition is more religious than the Easter Bunny because Jesus Christ is the Fisher of Men.

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Tonya said...

This looks like so much fun.You guys do so many fun things! I guess I should have told you I have been reading your blog for awhile ;)