Monday, April 12, 2010

Crafty Cousins

We had a wonderful time with our cousins and grandma and grandpa Wiemer for Easter weekend. We had an Easter egg hunt in my sisters backyard and we tried to hide some of the eggs really hard for the older kids. It was great watching them try to be creative and work together to get the eggs.

They tried using the wagon to get the eggs and that didn't work. So then they moved over the garbage can and sent their tallest cousin up to retrieve them. Smart kids!

There was a lot of climbing involved to retrieve eggs out of tall trees.

Can you find the eggs... Cassidy and Lund spotted them at the same time.

Cassidy got really clever and used a trampoline to retrieve this egg. The problem was, she spent so much time conjuring up this idea that she probably missed 30 easy eggs. Perseverance Cassidy!!!

we had easy eggs hidden for Brody, age 2, and Will, age 4

Here are all the crafty, crazy cousins... From left to right: Kade, Cassidy, Candin, Will, Sarah, Cooper, Lund, and Brody. All 8 cousins were there at the same time---hooray!

Oh look, they are actually all smiling at the same time!! Miracles never cease!

My dad loves photography just like me, can you tell. Will has a wire in his mouth, how pleasant! It was also my dad's 60th birthday.

Morgan convinced Candin and Lund (3 weeks apart in age), that they needed to give him a back rub. That is one clever daddy!

We had individual Martinelli's for the adults (the kids were VERY jealous!) ... here is my pregnant younger sister telling me that she can't have alcohol right now. Sorry Becky, it's just apple cider.

This is my nephew Cooper's room. he actually has a full tree house in his bedroom and the carpet is artificial turf. That is a when your perk when your mom is an amazing interior decorator! Lund just loves staying with him in his tree house room. The bed is in the tree house.

My sister also has a sidewalk path that goes all around her backyard for riding scooters, bikes and go carts. Will wanted to ride it so bad, but he wasn't quite old enough to do it on his own. Thanks Cassidy!

Sarah loved the go cart too!


runningfan said...

A sidewalk all around the backyard? What a fantastic idea!!

Oh, yeah...Happy Easter!

Grandma LeSueur said...

What an Obstacle-Course-Egg-Hunt! Looks like it was a lot of fun. I cannot BELIEVE how old Becky looks! (no, that didn't come out right--I still think of her as being six!) And your dad looks pretty darn good for 60!