Monday, April 12, 2010

Come for the Spirit, Stay for the food!

In the Bagdad Ward, we have an AWESOME tradition of having a potluck every other month. they are the stuff dreams are made of. Amazing food, amazing socializing posibilities and just all around amazing. This time I made a Triple Layered Cheesecake and brought it and it was gone in a flash and it was very, very yummy if I do say so myself!!

Someone in the ward made a delicious punch.. you know the one with sherbert ice cream and soda.. A good ole' Mormon classic!!! I was really nervous that Will was going to spill his whole cup so I watched him like a hawk while he drank his.

The kids love to sit with her friends, and I don't mind at all. At least I didn't mind at all until I noticed the food on each of my childrens plates: Cupcakes, salt and vinegar chips, cheesecake, and punch... Wow, I think they hit all the four food groups in a round about sorta way!

Oh, and otter pops dripping on his Sunday suit. It makes me REALLY love Oxyclean!

When the kids are done they run outside to be in the grass and the sun with friends while the grown-ups clean up the major mess!
I came outside to take pictures and this is what I saw. Jazzlyn was sitting on him tickling him mercilessly. I told her "carry on".

Here are some friends together. Will told me that the tree was growing out of his head!

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Krista said...

We miss those potlucks. We loved our sweet little Bagdad ward. Maybe we'll stop by sometime when we're passing through. Ha Ha we thought it was so funny when we would tell people where we lived and they would say yeah I think we've driven through there before. We would tell them nope we're actually sure you haven't because you do not drive through Bagdad to get anywhere, it is there, the middle of no.....where you only drive to Bagdad.