Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paging Dr. House.....Has anyone seen Dr. House!!! No, seriously, where the heck is Dr. House???!!!

Here is a picture of my lovely eyes today....well, just one eye actually, but they both look the's hard to take the picture yourself..
I know that most people out there have seen "House" and we pretty much understand how the whole thing works. He gets a white board or a big piece of paper or whatever, and they write all the weird symptoms down and then they cross things off, and have "ah ha" moments... and wallllaaa... the patient, who was knocking on deaths door moments before, is healed and they skip out of the hospital singing "Walking on Sunshine!" Or at least that is sort of how it works, you get the point!

And since I can't seem to figure out my body from one minute to the next, I wrote out my own Dr. House board..... but the only "ah ha" moment I got was that it is all a bad dream that will be over someday. How's that for clever..... Maybe I need to get a huge tennis ball to toss up in the air or something......or maybe it is my lack of medical training that is keeping me from solving, it can't be that, it must be the huge tennis ball!!

Case in point: Yesterday, I had a TREMENDOUS day, a really good, healthy, happy, go-lucky wonderment of a day. Last night before I went to bed, I was trying to read, but I couldn't because the words were bluring and my eyes were watering. "Must be time for bed", I thought...... Morning bell rings at 6am and WOWZA!! I can't open my eyes!! Now, just so you understand better, I could "physically" open them just fine....but the moment I did it was like a million light beams burning in my eyes and they teared up so bad i had to instantly shut them. The older kids got themselves ready and then I told Sarah that I was going to go back to bed for just a little bit to "re-boot" my eyes. You know, like re-booting a computer....... an hour later Sarah walks in..." I didn't finish my homework last night mom!" I try to open my eyes........ and WOWZA!!!!! So, I have Sarah bring her homework into my room and she spells out all the directions for me and I tell her what she needs to do. Then she dresses herself, and I feel around while trying to tie her shoes and I take her down to the school. I threw on sunglasses and a hoodie and just let the tears stream down while I drove her the short distance to the school. The receptionist asked, "Oh, Sarah, are you sick?" and Sarah piped up, "Nope, mom just can't see today!" she points at the mom next to her that looks like she could be on a Wanted poster somewhere....hoodie, get the picture! "Oh, and I dressed myself!"........ crud, please don't call CPS lady!!!

After Will and I go back home a lady in the ward came over to watch him so I could go over to the Clinic. When I walk in (they know me all too well over there), I tell them that I can't see and they get me right back. As I am walking back to the exam room, I hear one doctor talking to the other (you see, my ears still work just fine) and this is what I overhear...."So, did they give you your license back?" These are not words you EVER want to hear a doctor say.... and hey, maybe they were talking about a hunting license, or a marriage license, or even a drivers license....still not reassuring!

So I sit there and tell the doctor, (and yes, as luck would have it, I was seeing the one who "lost his license").. my symptoms. After only 30 seconds of not listening to me at all about my new chemo meds or the fact that I have had 3 different infections before on chemo... he proclaims, almost as if he has solved the world hunger problem..."You have allergies!!!" Too stunned at his brillance to even speak, he tells me that all I need are a few drops of over-the-counter eye drops and he starts to leave...... I try to tell him again that I am really suspectible to infections during chemo and........ but his ears hear..."blah, blah, blah, blah, she doesn't know what she is talking about, blah, blah"

As I go to the checkout to pay for my brilliant services, I grab another doctor by the arm and plead....."Can I talk to you?"

Becky Brimhall was with me, so I told her to distract Dr. A, and I followed the other doctor to a room. I told him the same stuff that I had just told Dr. A and I said, " I hate to go behind Dr. A's back, but I REALLY don't want to go blind or something because of a misdiagnosis." Dr. B tells me that it is definitely NOT allergies and that it is actually a reaction to my chemo medicine, Taxol. He tells me that Taxol is a really hard core poison and that my eyes are having trouble dealing with it, just like my bones did last week. So pretty much, my eyes are leaking poison!!! he! he! Anyways, he leaves for a minute and comes back with a special medicine to put in my eyes that stops the burning and is an antibiotic and they will heal my eyes. I want to hug him..... but I refrain.

As I leave, Dr. A sees me and says, "I found some allergy drops for your eyes". I just take them, and hand them to the other doctor. "Feed your plants with it or something"......

What an oddity cancer doesn't fit any plans or pre-formed molds. Everybody's body deals with it differently. Everyone experiences different side effects on the same medicines as others. Simply weird!!!


runningfan said...

So sorry about the new complication. I'm glad you got the help you needed!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

I can just imagine what you are talking about with the instant you open your eyes THE PAIN!! and the watering!! WOW!! i'm sorry and i'm glad you grabbed the other doctor!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO for trusting your instincts and finding someone who will listen to your voice!! You are my hero.

Heather Wilson

Lindsi said...

I think you need a doctor who makes house calls. And I heard that you tried out Yodippity. What'd you think? I'm glad you were able to meet Steph and her dad Dave, they're really great. We should meet up there some time:)

Farr Family said...

Life is never a dull moment at your house. I totally got The Dr. House. You are too funny. I'm sorry about retarded doctors. I would have slapped the first one. Glad it all worked out!!! Love ya

Chelle said...

Ok, can I first start off by saying that you have BEATIFUL eyes...well, at least the one is, so I am ASSUMING that the other is too!! Sorr,y couldn't help it, I mean, I have looked at your eyes many times, but never up close and personal like that, where that is all that I am looking at, stunning,is all I can say!! :) Back to the not fun part, I am sorry your are miserable, I really need to come up there soon and visit. I miss you are always welcome to come Chill here whenever you are is a much bigger house....a lot less crowded than the last!! I am totally going to buy you a giant tennis ball...I just have to find them...I am sure they make them, I mean, if House has them, then they must be for sell somewhere, right?!?! Hang in there, you are truly my hero! Love ya!! HUGS!!!!