Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Take a Ride with me....

Today I was feeling wonderful and I decided to take a photographic journey from Bagdad to Prescott. This is a drive we Bagdad folks take often, so those of you viewers from Bagdad will recognize most of these pictures. Whenever I drive the kids with me to town for pediatric appointments, or Costco trips, I always think how pretty it would be to take pictures of many different things along the way. So today, after another hard chemo week is now behind me, I decided to take the trip by myself to rejuvinate. I did take our lab, Brody, with me but after the groomers worked their magic, he looks like a million bucks! Better yet, we have the crazy shedding under control now!!! Hipppp horrayyyyy!!!
So, sit back and enjoy the ride!!! (I know I did!)
When I left Bagdad, it was just a rainy, cloudy, day. Rain turned to snow by the time I drove home... Crazy Arizona desert weather!!!

Here is the Skull Valley Cemetary! It is very small, and very beautiful!
The Kirkland Steakhouse is like something from the past!

They say the desert is dry..... but we have seen a different story this Spring!

I have a thing for windmills!

O.K. some wonderful person painted this rock like a duck... everyone knows about the silly "Duck rock"!

Look at heaven reaching down to the earth in this picture. I LOVE sunbeams!!!!!!


The Davenports said...

LOVE these pictures!! And Sam loves the duck rock. :)

Bonnie Hynes said...

Ok, how are you ever going to leave all that to move up to boring ole Bosie!! GORGEOUS!!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I thought that your new title picture was a famous painting. Wow!
Love, Mom

Cheeri said...

Christa, you are a fabulous photographer! Those photos look professional.

annebabe said...

totally thought the duck was real until I read your caption. :) those photos are awesome, seriously, I felt like I was right there. Which is where I would love to be, right there in the Johnson house in the middle of nowhere Arizona so I could be your hands and legs for a day. You could sleep, eat robin's eggs and play on the internet. ;0) I'm there in spirit my friend, I'm there in spirt.

Chelle said...

Chris- you are an AMAZING photographer...I should have you teach me some lessons!! These pictures are award worthy!! I am glad that you got to take a nice relaxing rejuvenating drive in to town! Love ya! Ps- Can you believe I didn't know about the duck rock?!?! Well, now I do!!

Alexis said...

You're moving to Boise?!
Ok, maybe I;ll learn about this later, but I have a question. Do you drive on dirt roads in Bagdad? I'm trying to compare it Jackman now that you've suggested they may be similar...hmmm.. an interesting experience! I;m glad that Bagdad has more than one doc. Up in Jackman there is only one Dr. then Ian (the student!) so you would have been stuck with whatever diagnosis you get.