Friday, March 12, 2010

Yo' Mamma said yo' need to go to Yodipity!!

Me and Dave from Utah (part owner of Yodipity)
*I need to learn how to photo shop all my extra chins out*
Let me tell me you a wonderful story that has a very yummy ending!!! ...Yesterday Becky drove me down to my doctors appointments in Phoenix since my eyes weren't wonderful yet. (and let's face it, it was great to have some girl time!)
Anyway, we were on the freeway and early for our appointment, and I mentioned that I have been DYING to go to this new yogurt place, Yodipity in North Mesa. Lindsi and Danny Court who are Morgan's cousins,.... well, Danny's family are part-owners of the wonderful new place and I have heard nothing but rave reviews.
It was truly an AWESOME new frozen yogurt concept! You pick out any of the great flavors, and they have quite a few. I think I chose New York Cheesecake and cake batter flavor! Then you proceed over to the wall (seriously a whole wall) of different toppings to choose from. I picked cotton candy crumbles....another yummy choice.
While we were there putting our yummy creations together one of the owners came in with his family. I told him what a wonderful new place this is... He asked me how my chemo treatments were going and it turns out he is a cancer survivor. He was so wonderful and we chatted for a minute about the loveliness of cancer.
He told me that my yogurt was on the house while I am in chemo!!! And it was superduper delicious and I think I found my new favorite spot!!!!
Now yo' all need to discover it too!!!!!!! Yo' better go there so we can hang out soon!!!


runningfan said...

I have heard about this place through the many Mesa blogs I read. :) Maybe we'll meet you there one day!

Oh, and if you figure out that chin trick with Photoshop, please let me know!

Linda said...

YUMMM!!! I LOVE Frozen yogurt, I have GOT to try this place some time...I reminds me of Ocean Blue!

April said...

My mom and I almost went on Friday! I've been dying to try it out too. Maybe if they see her bald head they'll give it to her on the house too... lol! If not, then it's my treat. Wouldn't it be funny to run into you there? I hear you and my mom are on the same chemo schedule?

Bonnie Hynes said...

I love this story

Happy said...

OK, NOW that is just it, I am going to have to come back and have some wonderful nourishment from in the valley. Christa, I gave a young lady here, in Hueytown, your blog, because she too just found out about breast cancer and she was not handling it very well. I told her about you and so, I figured she would do so well with your words of wisdom. She is one of my patients that I draw weekly on her blood levels from all of this that she is dealing with. Miss you all and we send our love to you and your family.