Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Not picture time again Mom!!!!"

This past weekend, I had a chance to take my first "official picture shooting" for a friend's family. Taylor, our friends kiddo, needed Senior pictures taken and I felt honored that they asked me to take them. I still think of Taylor as the 10-year-old boy we met when going to NAU with the Pacheco's. But I guess you can see by the pictures that he has grown up quite a bit since then. Taylor was a trooper and put up with all my driving around town to find the "perfect spot". And, in addition to that, he had to deal with all four kids too because I decided to take their "Spring Pictures" while they were still dressed up after church. Killing two birds with one stone or something like that!
So, I am posting just a couple of the end results of my first photo op with Taylor.This is just a few of the pictures I took, cuz I think I took about 150 all together. Poor patient Taylor! And girls, just so you know... he will be leaving on his mission after High School, so you'll have to wait!! he he

It is very late as I write this and I am very achy from my chemo yesterday, so you'll have to understand that the pictures are in no particular order....

Will was definitely a tough one to photograph as you can see here. I thought it would make him smile to tell him that he had boogies in his nose.. instead, he decided to get to the root of the problem. And look how dirty his suit is... he was rolling in the grass, and climbing trees... a photographers nightmare, but real life to a four-year-old boy!

I had fun with some of the pictures. Taylor is one of the pitchers for the baseball team, so we tried some pictures from the pitcher's mound. Doesn't everyone play their guitar on the mound?
My boys are always hard to photograph because they just want to be such goofballs!!
Oh yes, you are soooo sexy Lund!!! he he

Again with the boogers..... oh boy! We have our work cut out with this guy!!

I love this picture because Taylor was giving the kids a bit of a concert in between pictures and they were loving it!! He is really good with kids as you can see. That helped A LOT!
We have a beautiful tree right outside our church building and at this time of the year, it is GORGEOUS! I just had to snap a few shots, because soon the beautiful blossoms will all be ancient history.
Again, Taylor is trying to keep the kids distracted.

I know, I know... again with the tree!!


The Davenports said...

GREAT JOB! These photos are stellar! And finger up the nose or not, Will has "model" written all over him.

Jeremy and Ruth said...

You have some CUTE KIDS!!! I mostly love.Love the one with wills finger in his nose!! He seems like such a character I am sad i dont get to see them much! :( And the one of the senoir on the mound with his guitar is totally seniour picture worthy! LOVE IT!!

custom dining table said...

Great jobs in taking photos of your lovely kids! They all look good!