Monday, March 29, 2010

And the flower smells like this.....

How many times in life have we felt like shouting this from the housetops!!!! "We are Flowers NOT weeds!!!!!" I am sure there is a great gospel metephor there, but for right now we should just shout it from the rooftops, that's a good place to start!!
I love this picture because my sister and I were trying to get the two boys in a picture together and this was their idea of "being close". I also love how much this picture depicts their personalities. Brody had his snack and was ready to go on errands with his mom, (very serious about his snack), and Will was being goofy as usual because he is soooo used to mom popping out the camera at all times!

The boys compromised: Will was willing to put his arm around his cousin and Brody was willing to put his arms around his snacks. Works for me!
This is my favorite because I just LOVE when younger cousins look up to their older cousins!!! These two actually got along beautifully!!! (I didn't have any of the other kids with me or I would have pictures of them included as well. Will had to be my model for a whole day all by himself. Poor kid!)

Will and I were driving around the Gilbert area and we saw this house that had beautiful wildflowers covering the front lawn. We knocked to get permission to take some pictures and they weren't home. So we figured they meant to say yes. he! he!
I asked Will to bend over and smell the flowers..... then I said, "what do the flowers smell like?" and this next picture was his reply.......................
hum...... is that really what flowers smell like to boys??!!!
Then, he decided to "listen" to the flower. He said that the flower said...."HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" then he said, "the flower doesn't know it's not my birthday!"

As if that wasn't enough... then he said he would be a flower too.... so here is my son, the flower!
I think at this point he was debating eating the flower..... what other sense was left?....


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Thanks for the pictures (Pocatello has snow, rain, and dead grass, no flowers are even thinking about showing their faces (Tulips are actually thinking about it, but that is about it.) Glad you had your get away and that you are building once again. We pray twice daily for you and your family and thinks about you guys a lot more. DAD J.

annebabe said...

We ARE flowers and not weeds! I'm with you, there's a gospel metaphor rattling around in there somewhere. ;)

Will and Brody were excellent models, and I like kids who take snack seriously. I mean, its too important to treat casually!