Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ice Cream, You Scream, what is your favorite thing about ice cream?

I have always been fond of ice cream... it just makes me happy for some reason. I think a lot of people associate ice cream with pleasure and a of times it is probably because of memories we have made while eating ice cream. I can still remember when I was a little girl and my dad would say, "Christa, come help me put gas in the car." I would get excited and hop in because, not only would he show me how to pump the gas and wash the windows, but he would always go in and get us each a Klondike bar. I still crave a good Klondike bar every time I fill up with gas.
Another memory I will always associate with ice cream is getting Thrifty ice cream cones, usually chocolate malted milk ball flavor. I LOVED the square scoops they would make and I LOVED Thrifty ice cream. I still find it every once in a while and whenever I see the logo, I have to hop in and get a square scoop or two.
This Friday when we were at Freedom Station having fun with the kids, we ended our memories with an ice cream cone. I thought about it as we laughed and ate our cones, I really hope my kids always associate ice cream with memories of love as well.
I have to go.... I am now craving a bowl of ice cream!!!! (preferably chocolate)


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

The term "daddy bites" came from my dad asking for a bite of our ice cream and then handing back a nearly empty cone. Your ice cream looks much fancier than the Foster Freeze stuff we had every Sunday after church. Yum! Great pictures!
Love, Mom

Christa Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing your memory of ice cream Mom.... how fun! Maybe that is why your kids got ice cream on Sunday's after writing in their journals... to follow family tradition.
Love ya,