Friday, March 19, 2010

Freedom Station part 2, better known as "part outside"

After burning through tokens like they were on fire, we went out to play miniture golf behind Freedom Station. It was a first time for some of our kids, as you can see from the pictures..
This was Sarah's first and only hole that she golfed. Right after that, she went to play and lost her ball in the water. Then she just proceeded to run amuck playing and having fun.
Will was fascinated with the game, but found it much more effective to just go and place the ball in the hole. (hum... that IS much more effective....)
Cassidy was really good at miniture golf and got into it really quickly. We may have a golfer on our hands with her. (We go golfing in Bagdad often)
Lund, of course, is our diehard golfer! But Cassidy was giving him a run for his money today.
How on earth can he even see under there????!!
Patiently waiting..
And even while these older kids are "seriously golfing".....
Will is doing this!!!!

Will was soooooo fascinated with how that darn ball could go through the rock...
Lund wrangled an alligator while waiting for his next turn..
Will found this much more fun while waiting for his next turn...
Again with the "where the heck did my ball does this thing work?"
The next series of pictures are taken mere seconds of each other... They depict how Will golfs.... It is a very interesting process...
He kind of push, swing, drags his club in the general direction of the ball..
And then tries to pull it toward the hole...
And have you EVER seen anyone fall down while golfing???!!!
Just go in the hole!!!!
Alright, that's it... I am just going to put the ball in there!!!

And isn't the water so much more interesting than the actual game????


T. Sipes said...

I have to agree with Will. It is much more effective to just put the ball in the hole:) Looks like you guys had fun!!
Love you guys

Kim said...

I golf just like Will....forget ACTUALLY putting....just toss it in the

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Grandpa Frazier would be proud. He was a golfer and, maybe, they inherited some of their skills from him. Who knows? Fun times!