Friday, March 19, 2010

Freedom Station part 1, or better known as "part inside"

After a hard week of cleaning and taking in sun, we decided to have a wonderful family day in Prescott. We went to "Freedom Station" and treated the kids to some wicked fun times!!
Come on, haven't you always wanted to do this!!!????
Here is Cassidy in front of the climbing wall, but she decided to go on the "virtual coaster" instead and had a BLAST! I should know, because I had a blast too!!!

I thought that Will would freak out on the virtual ride, but I have never seen him so excited!!!! He loved, loved, loved it!!
Cassidy decided to challenge her dad to a game of air hockey!!! You will see a common theme among my children and myself.. whenever we are trying really hard, we stick out our tongues a bit.....just habit I guess!! But as you can see, Cassidy REALLY wanted to beat her dad!!! (Good luck Cassidy, I have been trying to beat him at air hockey for years!!)
If one gun is good... then two guns are better!!!!!!! Lund LOVES arcade games!!

I loved watching the girls on the Dance Dance Revolution game... Cassidy was really good and Sarah was REALLY confused! (I am right there with you Sarah, dance has never been my thing. Just ask my two sisters who tried for years to get me to learn how to dance like them...not happening!!)
Will loved the helicopter simulator games!! Of course, he loves helicopters as well!
Notice the tongue again..... Yup, he's definitely my son!!!

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Strong Family - said...

Good times!!! Sounds like you're having fun this week. Just make sure to take it easy next week. :-) I love that you documented the sticking out of tongues when concentrating. That's the kind of stuff that's fun to remember.