Monday, February 22, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....(sing the song, you know you want to!)

I like a lot of things in life. But at different seasons of my life, and for many different reasons, I seem to have "favorites" that just make life wonderful! I thought I would share a few of them with you today. Maybe they are some of your favorites too!!
This is my new organizer from Ikea. I put the kid-sized cups, bowls, plates, and silverware in here and if they need something.... they can just help themselves!!! Genius!!!
I have loved "Nike" since I was a little girl. I can still remember when i was small and it was really hard to find shoes for my feet because I have really, really narrow feet. One day a salesclerk told my mom that Nike shoes run narrow and maybe that would be good for me. Ever since I have been addicted! Not only to their shoes, but to anything with the Nike logo. I think Nike should sponsor my bout with chemo because it is really like an endurance sport! Plus, then I would get free Nike stuff!

Here we have my favorite sleeping cap. It is comfy, and very, very soft. The only downfall is.... I look like a 70-year-old retired professor guy in it!

Here is a view of our unseasonable snowfall today. I love the snow every once in a while, especially when it is unexpected, like today! Oh, and I love this playground too, so this was a double whammy!

I love going to the gym while Will is at preschool. I also spent time at the indoor pool and out on Bruce Mine Road running and walking and biking. I just love, love, love my workout time!!
And here is the reason that I can work out!!! This is the beautiful and lovely Cheryl!!! She is so amazing! Her mother-in-law just died due to cancer and she wanted to help someone else with cancer. So to pay it forward, so to speak, she asked me if Will could be in her preschool for free!! It has been an amazing blessing in my life and in Will's life as well. Thank you Cheryl!!!

Putting Will in preschool was a really hard thing for me because I thought that, as a stay at home mom, I could do it all! Before the cancer hit, I was running a preschool at my house and it was wonderful, if not a little bit exhausting. After the cancer surgeries and chemo, I tried to be a good mother, and I believe deep down that I am doing the best I can...... but it wasn't the best situation for Will. He needed the consistency and learning that preschool gives. I am so thankful he is going to school now!! You can see the beautiful Mrs. Toni in the picture teaching the kids, she is truly amazing!

I love books like this series. They are a quick read and they are so fun!
I love the Olympics!!! I love that for two weeks, the whole world stops and we all focus on one thing!! Unity as a country, and watching people that have been so disciplined and focused! I just think it is awesome!! Plus, I love, love, love the special interest stories surrounding all the athletes!! Go USA!

These pink gloves are also one of my favorite kitchen items. My cancer doctor said I needed to use gloves while doing the dishes so I bought these pink beauties! I didn't realize how yucky and hot my hands get while doing the dishes. Now I am just in love with these pink gloves!! Plus, pink is my color now!
I am not a total tree-hugging hippie, but I do love a few "natural" things. I love putting a few drops of this euclyptus oil in a hot bath or in the humidifier. I even put a few drops on my pillow at night.... it is WONDERFUL! I also have lavender oil, but euclyptus is my favorite.

This is a cute story: A lady in our ward gave me this egg cooker because she knew how much Sarah loves hard boiled eggs. She got it from her 97-year-old mother, so that tells you how long this thing has been around. It is an AMAZING contraption that cooks 6 hard boiled eggs in under 15 minutes. As Morgan says, "it is totally a uni-tasker!! So true, but still so wonderful!

We bought this amazing shag throw run for our TV room and it is so thick and so comfy. It makes the whole room warmer just by being there!!! Gotta love the shag rug!!

I just love that Sarah tries to spell everything out on her own lately! Here she is trying to help me with the shopping list..... love it!!

This is a tradition that I started with Sarah that i absolutely love! Everyday when I pack her lunch I write her a little love note. It started out as "I love you to the moon!" and then I had to get creative.... I love you to the sun, I love you to the farthest tree, I love you to get the picture! She looks for her letters everyday and she knows if they happen to be missing.... so I try really hard to not forget!


The Davenports said...

I love this post! It gave me warm tinglies! :) And I tried taking a picture of the snowfall today too, but it didn't turn out as good. :(

Bonnie Hynes said...

I miss you guys!! I love seeing back into your lives for a minute. Tell the kids I love them and miss them. (super-cool ikea organizer too!)

runningfan said...

I can always count on you for an uplifting post!