Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mom Confessions!!

Here are some "mom confessions" for me today. "Mom guilt" is a very real thing in every mom's life I am sure, so you may be feeling some of the same feelings as I am. So, here is my "mom quilt" for today.....

Mom confession: Here is a picture of the backyard right now! I think I counted 7 pairs of shoes around the trampoline and a sleeping bag, not to mention the MESSS!!!!

Mom confession: Morgan made these AMAZING cinnimon rolls yesterday and I ate one for breakfast and another half of one after lunch....... AFTER having a bowl of chocolate ice cream!!
Mom confession: There are two confessions in this picture: I let my kids watch Perry the Platipus today instead of taking care of them right after church so I could take a nap. Second confession: Will is eating his ramen on the carpet! (where is his mother?!)

Mom confession: I let Cassidy wear THIS around the house today!!! hmmmm

Mom confession: Cassidy and Lund and even I haven't practiced our piano in two days!!!

Mom confession: There are two confessions here... The first is, I confess that I sleep with a stuffed animal at age 31!!!! (But my hubbie gave it to me over 12 years ago, so I should get some romantic sentimental points there). Second confession: All I want to do is crawl back in bed and take a nap. Oh no, I see another confession coming....I haven't made my bed!

Mom confession: my laundry baskets all look like this today!

Mom Confession: My oldest son's bed looks like this!!!

Mom confession: Cassidy's bed looks like this, and she STILL hasn't put away the clean clothes on her bed.

Mom confession: I was going to plant some beautiful spring flowers in this planter area this week, instead.... I turned up the dirt, it rained, and Will turned it into his Tonka playground.
And the list could go on and on and on...... Instead, sometimes I think we need to see the good things in life....

There are two great things in this picture. The first is that I actually planted some seeds for our garden this week in cups. they are even starting to sprout already!! The second great thing is that Sarah looks adorable in her new dress for church and her necklace even matches. I should get double points for that!

Another wonderful thing in my life right now is how I am studying my scriptures. I am using the Seminary Book of Mormom study guide and doing a couple of chaptures each day and it is WONDERFUL! I am learning sooooooo much. Maybe someday I will even work my way up to the Institute study guide. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though! he he
Bottom line is this: When counting up all the points stacked against us, we need to give ourselves a break. For instance, I need to remember that the reason the laundry isn't done is becuase I was at the Cub Scout field trip with Lund and then took Cassidy to Prescott all day yesterday for a Stake Activity Mom and Me Day and then treated her to a movie. And I guess we have to figure in priorities as well. For instance, the fact that the kids didn't get a chance to make their beds before church today should be overshadowed by the fact that they WERE at church today. And studying my scriptures should take away some of the calories, right?!! He he
When my kids grow up I know they won't remember the times they didn't make their bed, or when I didn't have the special blue socks clean just when they wanted them. Hopefully, just hopefully, they will remember the good times and the times we spent with them and the principles they learned at an early age.
And maybe, just maybe this sign that I bought this week will come true..........

Here's hoping!!!!


Farr Family said...

Christa you always amaze me!! Can I be you when I grow up? You always have a great attitude and look at things positive. I just love you girl!!!

runningfan said...

I think you've got your priorities exactly right!

I want to get in my bed, too...the one I almost never make! :)

Krista said...

Sarah looks adorable! So does Cassidy. I love this post. Your kids are lucky to have a wonderful mother like you "who knows"

The Davenports said...

I also loved this post! I can't say enough how much of an example you are to me, Christa. Here you are, with all this stuff going on, and you have time to be super mom. My excuses for missing the laundry at time and missing scripture study is for lesser noble reasons. YOU ARE AMAZING! And I just love that scripture (the last picture) because it was an excellent reminder of the potential I need to be rising to...especially since it mentions it in my patriarchle blessing. I guess I have a lot of growing to do!