Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lightening Theif and modesty

On Saturday Cassidy and I had tons of fun going to Prescott for the Mom and Me Stake Activity Day! We learned a lot, joked a lot and had a ton of fun! Then after the Activity was over, we headed over to the mall to get manicures and pedicures.....only to find out that the nail place wanted 25.00 to paint a little girls toenails!!!! Are you kidding me!! So, the girls and moms all headed to Claire's and we bought our own nail polish and the girls painted each other's nails! It was much more fun to watch the girls paint each other's nails at the Arby's....(oh, and much cheaper as well!) And the highlight, for Cassidy at least, was the promise Morgan and I made to her a while ago. Knowing that I would be sick the week of her birthday, we promised her that she could invite a few friends to go with her after her Stake activity day to the movie she has been dying to watch.... Percy Jackson and the Olympians. We read the book together and we were estatic when they stuck to the story line really well. It was really a great movie!!! All in all, it was a great (and very long) day!!!

The stake made the mistake of giving Cassidy a pack of Smarties after a class about the Articles of Faith..... She had a lot of fun balancing the candy on her nose.
We went to a great class about modesty and I think all the girls and moms learned a lot! This great sister was the manaquin... such a cute idea as the girls tried to dress her modestly using the clothes given.

Here is Cassidy, deep in creativity concentration!

And here she is learned how to tie a quilt.

Here we are... mom and Cass! It was a wonderful learning experience and the theme "Come Follow Me" was a wonderful idea. We both learned a lot and the best part is... we did it together!

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