Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I love about Fast Sunday..

one of my favorite things about Sunday..... a very sleepy boy after church....
I always eat TONS of Rhodes Rolls at fast sunday dinner......yummmm here is our traditional fast sunday meal.... Brother Stauffer's lasagna, Sister Rhodes Rolls, and some lovely steamed vegitables!

This month we had Fast Sunday on the 5th Sunday due to Stake Conference next week. If you aren't familiar with Fast Sunday, it is when we (the members of our church) go without two meals and then donate the money that we would have spent on those two meals to the church to feed and help those who are needy. We also "put off" our body/hunger, so that we can concentrate on the more spiritual aspects. It is a wonderful thing and I was very blessed to be able to fast today, the first time since before all my surgeries and chemo and everything. My kids who are 8 and up (Lund and Cassidy) get to ("have to" in their words), fast breakfast and don't eat lunch until we get home from church. They are still trying to grasp this concept and usually stuff themselves silly the day before and complain all day on Sunday until food reaches their lips. They are slowly understanding why..... ever so slowly.
Take today for example.... In primary, Lund's teacher gave him a little plastic frog after the lesson as a "treat" instead of food or anything edible.... and..... he ate it!! That would be how Lund handles it.....moaning that he is going to die at any minute.....pulling me directly to the car right after church so we can get to the food faster, you get the picture. He did bear his testimony today, and it was beautiful and very sincere--that will always be one of his strong points in life, he's definitley sincere!
Now Cassidy takes a bit of a different approach to Fast Sunday, barking at her younger brother and sister that they need to "eat quieter" and "how dare they eat near her", etc. And then when she does eat after church, she has a five-course meal followed by an ice cream cone, just to make up on any calories lost during those few hours. But, she doesn't complain during church, and she bore another beautiful testimony today. (She bears her testimony each and every fast Sunday, which is totally duable in a small town).
Well, now you know how Fast Sunday goes in the Johnson house.....


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Nice to hear that Bro. Stoffer visits your home on Fast Sunday. I do love Fast Sunday but it is a hard one for kids. Nice discription of the day and explanation of the purpose. It brought back memories. Love, Mom

annebabe said...

Marissa always asks if its fast Sunday or slow Sunday. ;) I feel like fast Sunday goes by so slow it should be called the slowest Sunday of the month! ha ha!

Glad you were feeling well enough to enjoy the blessings of the fast. That means your body is doing okay. :) And I'm pretty sure I could eat my weight in rolls, especially fresh from the oven with some butter and homemade strawberry jam slathered on top. oh crap, now I'm hungry. :)