Monday, February 1, 2010

Trying to surprise Cassidy isn't as easy as it sounds...

Next week is Cassidy's 11th birthday, but it also happens to be my "chemo week", so it is pretty much garanteed that I will be sick on her b-day. So, I tried to suprise her today at her school by bringing cupcakes and flowers and a balloon for her. But as the cupcakes were in the oven and I was slowly getting everything ready, I got a phone call. "Mom, I am sick today. Can you come pick me up from school?" Dang it!!! I had to tell her about the birthday suprise I had already planned and I asked her if she could wait a little while so I could finish up the cupcakes and run out to her school (her school is 30 minutes away). She graciously complied (especially because there were cupcakes involved). So Will and I headed out to Hillside and here are the pictures..
This is "Bear" the dog that loves to hang out at the school and has pretty much been dubbed the school mascot. Will is telling him that he is definitley NOT going to share his cupcake!
Here is Cassidy with Miss Gloria. It also happened to be her birthday today, so we sang to both of them.
You can just picture this.... It is Lund complaining that he never gets cupcakes at school because his birthday is in the summer. He is saying "Why meeeeeeeee!!"
Here are the flowers I brought to Cassidy, the only blue flowers I could find at the store (Delphinia's ?). Blue is her favorite color and she was really excited. She is going to keep the flowers on her desk at school.

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Jeremy and Ruth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASS!! and i love the heart attack idea!! I WILL STEAL IT! :)