Sunday, January 31, 2010

Annie and scarves

I am trying to catch up on some memories that I haven't blogged about yet. The first was an opportunity that Cassidy had while we were in the Valley for my 3rd chemo treatment. She was the lucky kiddo that got to see "Annie" at Gammage with Grandma Wiemer. She ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!!! And she still talks about the different songs and dances even now. It was a special treat for her to go and she especially liked going alone with grandma, so she got some wonderful one-on-one time with her. Thanks Grandma!!
Look how cute they are all dressed up ready for their show.
Aunt Alisha and cousin Kayla did a WONDERFUL job getting her all dressed up and hair done for the show. She felt like a million bucks!!
Later that day Cassidy wanted to be just like her mom and wear a scarf too. Doesn't she look adorable?? Oh, and I look pretty good too....he he

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Bonnie Hynes said...

wow, you might just have a beauty on your hands with that little one!! Tell morgan to start saving up for that shotgun-polishing-kit!!