Friday, January 15, 2010

Night Jumping!! Arizona style!

Something I LOVE about Arizona, is that you can go outside in January and jump on the trampoline. I bet they can't do that back East!

Some of the Hulse kids are over at our house having fun on the trampoline
He is telling the kids all about his next trick (You can still see the stitches in his leg from his surgery last week)

Jumping around (and not freezing, what a concept!)

You know you married the right man, when he asks the kids to go "night jumping" with him!! What a trooper! I love that man!!!


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

annebabe said...

night jumping indeed! sounds fun! What a great dad to get in on the action with the kids instead of just sending them on their way. And BTW, I've been meaning to ask you, which are you liking better, the hats or the scarves? just curious. :)

Jeremy and Ruth said...

i wish i could go outside none the less jump on the tramp and night!!! IT FREEZING HERE!!

Team Caldwell said...

LOVE IT!! we do the same. In fact we are saving up for a projector to play movies on a huge blank space on our house so we can do jumpin movie night!!! I now see why so many men love tramps!!! ha ha

Christa Johnson said...

What an awesome idea with the projector!! i had never thought about that, and now I think we MUST do that sometime!!! Maybe the church will lend us their projector for a YM/YW activity in our backyard----how fun!!!
And the tramp comment is CLASSIC!!! Thanks for livening up my comments..he he

arizonamama said...

Christa and Morgan,
I came across your blog the other day and read for hours. My husband even had to make dinner that night! (Oh, he probably would've anyway...) Anyway, I make a special point to not be a blog-stalker and to always leave comments if I ever visit a blog so I wanted to let you know I throughly enjoy your blog and reading about your family. You two are amazing people. I am glad you have made your blog public so that I am able to gain strength and insight into my own life by reading your blogs. Both of you. Great blogs. Thanks for your honesty and optimism. I hope you don't mind if I continue to check in once in a while.

Cameo (Jones) Johnson