Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friends we are and friends we'll ever be.....chemo friends we'll always be throughout eternity (Girl's Camp song with some modification)

Here is my lovely friend, Shelly, who also has breast cancer stage 3. She is ahead of me in the treatment process, hence her beautiful hair growing back. He hair grew back dark and curly, and I wonder if my hair will do the same.
In this picture, I am getting a chemo treatment and she is just finishing up a Herceptin treatment. (She will get IV Herceptin for one full year because she has a different type of breast cancer than myself).
Doesn't this room look really unassuming? You sit in a nice recliner, put on a warm fuzzy blanket and let the poison drain into your body! crazy, huh? I am pretty sure Satan works the same way with his dealings... makes you comfy..relax, and then bam! you notice he is dripping sin into your life slowly. Hum... what a weird analogy I just came up with! he!he!


Bonnie Hynes said...

you both look amazing. Good Luck tomorrow. If I had to choose between the two poisons you were describing, I think you made the right choice! Satan is bumming at how amazing you are throughout all this. I love you!

runningfan said...

Just found your blog...and I love it. You are truly inspiring!

annebabe said...

glad that there is the fuzzy blanket, somehow that makes everything a little bit better. :) and also SO VERY GLAD you are making friends during this. what valuable resources, people who have been there/done that and are still going through it all! keep smiling beautiful!!

Natasha said...

I am so jealous of Shelly's hair! My hair is finally longer than my husband's (because he got a hair cut) and it appears to be coming in straight. Everyone said it will be so beautiful and curly...I'm still waiting! That room will invoke feelings for the rest of your life. I go once a month for my bone builder bag (BBB) and still have small "panic attacks" at the thought of it. You are a trooper and I am always thinking about you :) BTW, you look great! Hugs to you.