Friday, January 15, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys!! Add a trampoline and a football and they have fun! fun! fun!

Lately my boys have been infatuated with football! And they love to play football on the trampoline... this combines all their loves---a football, some rough housing, and a trampoline!
So, let me introduce you to the players:::::
  • Will--a fun-loving four-year-old that thinks he rules the house (and trampoline)!
  • Lund-- a laid back nine-year-old that loves to play with his brother until his brother starts to cry (and then he is nowhere to be found...hummmmm)

See, Will loves to be in charge!!

Lund, making an awesome catch mid-air!

Again, Will taking charge and bonking his brother on the head!

Quarterback Lund ready to make the throw!


The Davenports said...

I love that second picture of Will! Sooo cute and he looks like a pro!

Bonnie Hynes said...

Christa, you are mastering this photographer thing! Will's shots look amazing. Thanks for the MANY updates. I get so excited when I check and there area new posts!