Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Verbal "snapshot" of 2010

I stole this idea from a friend's blog and I thought that it gives such a great perspective on how life is going at this point in time...something to look back on in later years and remember day-to-day life in 2010..

Here is what is going on in the Johnson house this year...Will still wants to play with his friend Colter that moved at least six months ago and mentions him almost daily. He doesn't understand that he doesn't still live in his house here in Bagdad and constantly wants to go there, "Just to see if he is there".

We are a major tortoise family. We now have three African Salcutta tortoises. One huge, ginormous sista and two babies!

Lund loves to play golf with his dad, but I think more than golf, he loves to spend time one-on-one with his dad and this is the perfect opportunity.

Cassidy loves to make up songs on the piano and play them while singing the words that she made up as well.

Sarah loves to color pictures and she won't just color the middle of the picture like most kids, she will cover from the top of the page all the way to the bottom. Then she likes to come and "sell" them to me for a quarter. I figure it is a fair price for so much time spent on a page.

Morgan loves to play the Wii to relax. His favorite games are sword fighting against ladies (and men) that don't seem to know what they are doing (I just wanted to emphasize that he is fighting against poor innocent women and enjoying it..he he). He also likes the shooting game on Wii Play. His favorite level is when the aliens come to take your Mii away and you have to save yourself. I love to watch him so I guess it is an obsession we both have. His favorote Wii quote to say to the kids is "You are not allowed to play the Wii sitting down!!!", I think he hopes it will be a source of exersize for the children.

Sarah is an animal FANATIC! she is constantly playing with fake ones, loving real ones, and dreaming about and praying for animals all over the world.

Sarah wants to be a pet store owner when she grows up.

Will loves Hot Wheels and if you want to get him to do something, just bribe him with a new Hot Wheel...(hey, they are only 97 cents)

Lund loves to walk around the house on his hands. He sure is good with his handstands these days.

Cassidy loves to write her own words to songs and says that she is starting her own band and she even has a notebook of songs she has written.

The kids love to have me read to them at night, but they all want a different book... that takes a while.

We seem have a lot of germs around the house these days... last week it was a cold, this week it's the stomach flu.

Sarah loves school this year and loves to say, "I am such a smart kid.. one of the smartest in the class!"

I love the small "Cutie" oranges this year.. especially the ones made by Sunkist

Lund is growing so much he is shooting up out of his pants, literally. He shot from a size 8slim to a size 12slim overnight.... Try finding pants!!!

Morgan loves walking to and from work since his office is right down the street. he has his laptop in his backpack and a huge copper mag lite that he uses to threaten any dogs that charge him on his way. Plus, he loves that copper flashlight!
Morgan and I love to take evening walks together. We talk about life and enhance our friendship, all in one. And yes, he brings the copper Mag-Lite!

Lund loves the play "Speed Stackers" and he is REALLY good at it! he loves to tell me that he is "using both sides of his brain and developing better hand-eye coordination" He is like a walking commercial!

Sarah loves playing "Littlest Petshop" and her favorite is to group them all into families of according animals... cows with the cows, fish with the fish.. you get the point!

All the kids LOVE the trampoline!! We have had a trampoline for 8 or so years and it is by far, the best purchase we have ever made! We replaced our old one this Christmas with a new one and it is fun times all over again! And we still have yet to break any bones on the trampoline (knock on wood)

Our favorite Family Home Evening games are "Squirt in the face" and "Oink". One of them is a tradition handed down from the Johnson family and one is an invention of our own!

My daughter is gettting so old that she will return text messages for me on my phone if I am too sick to answer them myself!

Sarah just started reading the scriptures aloud with everyone else at scripture time each night. She still needs lots of help, but she is one her way!

We pray everynight as a family right after scripture reading. We kneel around our coffee table that we refer to as our "prayer table" because the kids claim that we don't drink coffee, so we don't need a table named after it. Good point kids!

Cassidy and Lund can boogey board in the ocean way better than I can and Morgan taught the older kids how to "dive through the waves" this past summer. I, on the other hand, was also taught and failed horribly. I stay on the beach and take pictures!

I have found a new obsession this year... photography!!! I have always been interested in taking pictures of the kids, but this year, I have been obsessed with it! I always want clearer, better, more artistic shots.

We have eating out more this year than any other year of our marriage. (mainly due to all the cancer treatments and appointments). On the bright side--- more dates for Morgan and I!

Morgan cooks dinner more that I do.... and it is DELICIOUS!!! The kids have been known to, at a BBQ at the park with other families, yell out, "You call this a hamburger!!" (much to their mother's shagrin)

Sarah loves to wear flowers in her hair (the kind with clips), and she looks beautiful.

Cassidy loves to dress up in cute outfits and one of my wigs and my glasses and have "fashion shows". She looks adorable!!! She sure loves those wigs! (she is much more fond of them than I am!!)

All of my kids are soooo good about not being embarrassed at all that their mom has cancer and is bald currently. They show me often, that love comes from the heart and doesn't look at "outward appearances". They are willing to tell anyone and everyone that their mom has "breast cancer". Even my nine-year-old son, who I figured would be scared out of his mind to ever mention the word "breast"! What a champ!


Bonnie Hynes said...

yay! Fun update Christa. I can't wait to see Lund walking on his hands...that sounds amazing. good Luck on Monday...Love ya!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Christa, I am so glad that you like to take pictures and that you like to write about your family. It is a blessing to us. Just like being with you and yours.