Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hats and Scarfs are beeeuuutifffuullll!!!

On December 26th, 2009 at approximately 2pm at my older sister's beautiful house, fun was to be had! ...And food and laughs, and more smiles than you could shake a stick at... It was time for "The hat and scarf party!!!" My older sister hosted a wonderful extravaganza to celebrate my baldness in style. I had an amazing time and I appreciate and love all who came or sent their love. You friends are truly the ones who make life a beautiful, happy place!!! The sun always shines when you are around!!!

Just look at all these lovely hats and beanies!!! I am in love with all of them!!!

here is my beeeeaaauutiffull mother and older sister...

Becky Chatwin and Kim Farr have known me since I was a wee little thing.. (and they still keep coming back for more....hummmm)

Ye Ole 56th Ward ladies!! (I just don't remember being so bald as a teenager....)Dana and Tiffany Randall who have become my children's surrogate "aunties"! Love those ladies!

My crazy neice!!! isn't she gorgeous!!! Not fair!!!
Cheerie Redd and I used to run cross country together back in high school. And she was brave enough to marry someone from my ward...brave woman!!!

This is what happens if you don't kick the kids out soon enough before the "girly party"! Kade has eyes only for the sweets!!! And his mom can whip up a mean party!!!

My mom, my sisters and I... All in our hats (They are "taking one for the team" cause I am the only one who truly has to be bald. They just look gorgeous in hats!)

I sure love all my relies!! (that is Australian for relatives..he!he!)

And here is my "big sister" (chronologically speaking), who has been watching out for me forever!!


nickndest said...

I was passing through the valley that day and wanted to come, but I had the stomach flu and didnt think it would be a great gift. I'll have to mail you my scarf...even though the ones you already got are gorgeous!

Christa Johnson said...

Morgan said it was a "scarf" party, not a "barf" party!!! Such a clever man!!! He! he!
I hope you are feeling better now, the germs keep running around with all the little kids up here too.
Love ya guys!