Friday, January 1, 2010

A Belated Christmas Day Post

Christmas Morning has come and gone, and yet the memories and the happiness still remain, and while they are still here visiting, we might as well get caught up with our blog....

I enjoyed this picture because we loved having the fireplace going as the kids ran out to see what Santa brought them..

And by the way, those are mom's goodies... I got some wonderful necklaces, earings, etc. and an Ipod dock for our house. Wonderful!

And here is one happy/bald mommy!

Here is the proud daddy with his loot. He got a dart board and even some new clean fun!!! He!

Cassidy was soooo thrilled to get a blue MP3 player (her favorite color), and "no flat" tires for her bike
Lund got a lot of Bakugan stuff and Speed Stackers, (a very fast paced game that he is proficient at)..

Will was estatic to see airplanes, a Big Wheel and Monster trucks and a track

With Sarah, of course, there would be animals. She got a couple of wonderful stuffed animals and a big pack of Littlest Pet Shop animals..
Here we have the kids opening the Wii, which was a present from Mom and Dad. We got them a Wii because even a sick mommy can sit on the couch with kids and play this..
Don't you remember your first Big Wheel????

Oh, and one present had a crack in it.......hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Thanks grandma and grandpa for the trampoline!)


Alexis said...

I'm so glad Will got a track for his monster trucks so he doesn't have to use your antique books anymore!!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

BE SAFE on the Trampoline. and have lots of wholesome recreational activities as a family this year. What a blessed Christmas and New Year in soooooo
many ways. Wish we were closer physically.

Bonnie Hynes said...

Nice elephant toys sarah! Happy New year! Love you guys!

annebabe said...

Ha ha ha!! Still laughing about the present with a crack in it. :) chemo hasn't altered your terrific sense of humor, that's for sure! Glad Santa came to your house and looks like everybody was very happy with what they received. :)