Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cousins are so cool!!

Since we were in the Valley for over a week, we had a chance to meet up with all sorts of beautiful relatives... so here's to relatives, young and old that make this journey through life soooo amazing!!!

Lund and cousin Cooper

Cousins Brody, Cooper and Lund

Lots of cousins here: Sarah, Lund, Cassidy, Candin, and Kade

here is everyone openining their gift this year.. we gave them all neck massagers (even the chiropractor, cuz someone needs to fix his neck too!)

Jeff and Becky Rogers

Aunt Alisha read all the cousins the Christmas Orange story

Everyone hanging out in Raychelle's room: Lund, Raychelle, Sarah and Cassidy

two brown eyed girls are adorable! Raychelle and Ellie

These two cuties were inseperable: Ellie and Will

Uncle Buck whipped up a roaring holiday fire for the gang!

Who's that sexy guy hiding in the bushes????

All the girls cuddling around the fire..

Danny and Lindsi Court and sleeping baby Chase (that's one cute baby!!!)

Aunt Becky with Will and Brody

We even got a chance to see the Wilson's... here is Lilly and Sarah and Will

And I even found the hiding "teenagers" on the computer... Cass and Joy were having fun!

See what I mean? Family just makes everything sooooo worthwhile!!!! We love you all!!!!

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