Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 in Retrospect and 2010 "Here we come!"

O.K. I have put this off long enough... it is time to put the pen to the paper (so to speak) and write down my New Year's Resolutions...

First, lets look at our top 10 list from 2009.... Here are the top 10 significant events of 2009 in no particular order...
1.) Bought a pop up trailer making camping more comfortable and enjoyable
2.) Camped at a California State Beach for 1 week with said trailer
3.) Finally gave into the craze that is the Wii and bought one for our family for Christmas
4.) Helped coach a basketball clinic (one of my favorite things to do)
5.) Lived through another year of Morgan being Bishop
6.) Learned how to "be served" instead of being the one "serving" (this was a hard one for me)
7.) Joined a "writing group" to further my interest in someday writing a novel
8.) Diagnosed with breast cancer.. (does this really count?... I am not sure how it is judged)
9.) Lost someone that was really close to me and speak at his funeral (this one was also a huge struggle! I will always be your "Keeta" Logan!! Love you!!!)
10.) Learned how much family and close friends mean to me (refer to #8 and #9)
11.) Learned how overrated hair really is (sorry, I had to throw this extra one in there)

O.K. now onto this year's list.... Here are things I would like to accomplish this year.. again, in no particular order (my brain doesn't work in any particular order)

1.) Go on a Disney Cruise with the whole family
2.) Go to the beach again
3.) Take on cancer..... And win!!!!
4.) Wear a "survivor" shirt in the Susan G. Komen Fight for the Cure 3 day walk
5.) Grow some long luscious beautiful hair
6.) See my brother return home faithfully from his mission in Washington D.C.
7.) Visit Washington D.C. and let brother explain all the good things about it to me
8.) Buy a house (I always put this one on my list just for kicks)
9.) Walk in the Diabetes Walk with my family for my brother, Ryan
10.) Keep up with my blog and actually put it in book form at the end of the year.. (not just in my "cart" like I have been doing for years)

Now it is your turn... I pass the buck onto you... put your goals out there for everyone to see!!! That is the only way we are going to accomplish these tasks!!


annebabe said...

great list!! especially the Disney Cruise one. I always look at things this way: at the end of my life, I'm not going to remember what my couch looked like or whether or not my car was the latest model. I will, however, be able to look back at all the fun family vacations together and realize those were worth every penny. So that is what I save money for, travel, travel and more travel!!!! You'll never regret it!

Christa Johnson said...

p.s. I failed to mention that I haven't actually "saved" for any of these said trips, they are just my "dreams" for this year. Our "vacation/travel" category in our budget consists of us driving down to my doctors almost weekly, but it doesn't cost anything to dream you know...he!he!