Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"The best sleep you'll ever get with a cold" (Nyquil commercial) Otherwise known as "the Nyquil coma!"

Morgan and I have both had a cold the last couple of days and we made the mistake of both taking Nyquil last night before bed. Now, we usually have a running understanding that only one parent can take Nyquil at a time, so that in case of a fire or other such dillema, the kids will have at least one parent to raise them come morning. Now, if you don't know what I am talking about, you must have never taken Nyquil before. At our house, it is known as a "Nyquil coma!" and it truly is the "best sleep you've ever had with a cold" as the commercial states, in fact it is the best sleep you'll ever have this side of death. It is a deep, solid sleep, no dreams, no waking up for ANYTHING! It is wonderful!!!! But alas, I digress, the fact of the matter was.... we both took it before bed last night and even took our "shots" together like welcoming in the New Year. And just before bed, Morgan turned to me and said, "Now, your going to get the kids up and ready for school right????" I instantly replied that I have cancer and that makes me eternally exempt from any such things in my life, if I so choose to use the cancer card. I thought that I had one up on him and he replied, "but who has taken care of you while you have had cancer?" Dang, I can't beat that one! So, we went to bed undecided and fell into a very deep sleep....
the next thing I remember was Morgan saying, "it's your turn to make sure the kids are getting ready for school..." I pulled my body out of bed in a zombie-like state, slept walked out to the family room and said, "Keep getting ready for school... eat breakfast... make your lunches...get dressed... etc..etc.." and then I zombie-walked back to my side of the bed and fell right back into my coma. Soon, Morgan said again, "It's your turn again.." So I pulled my heavy zombie body back out of bed and drug my lifeless self back out to the kitchen. I looked up at the clock... it was 7am and that meant the kids ride would be tehre any second. I looked at Cassidy and Lund, (A honk in the background), "O.K. your ride is here Lund get your sweater on...." Lund looked up at me, "I didn't pack my lunch" he was putting his sweater on backwards while he was saying this. I just stared at him... shoeless and sweater on backwards...."what exactly have you been doing for the last hour??? You don't have any hair, your clothes maybe took 30 seconds, did you turn on the t.v.??? He instantly defended himself, "Of course I didnt' turn the t.v. on..." Now I was at a loss.... "Did you take Nyquil too???" he just looked at me like I was crazy, threw a couple of things in an old Bashas sack and headed off to school with his sweater still on backwards and a goofy grin on his face.
The same scene repeated itself as we got Sarah ready for school, and she even said to me while I was putting on her shoes, "Mom, why does your face look so angry??" I responded that it wasn't actually angry, but "my face is still asleep and this must be what I look like when I am sleeping, scary huh?" She readily nodded her head. When the honk for her ride came right before 8am, I walked her to the garage, (I look like an old man taxi car driver in the morning with no hair, a paperboy style cap perched at an angle on my bald head, still in my jammies). I feel sorry for the two families in our ward that have volunteered to take my kids to school because they didn't realize that they were also volunteering to see "morning me" as well. Many blessings upon your heads!!!
So, this old taxi cab driver stumbled back into the bedroom where NPR was blaring on my alarm clock radio, and had been for the last hour, slid in next to my zombie husband and returned right back to my zombie-like state... ahhhh blissss!!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

What a ... I can't even think of words to describe your morning. I actually had a Nyquil encounter myself yesterday so I believe every word of your story. I have sworn off the stuff. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious!! And we don't care what you look like in the morning. We just care how you feel and that we can help make your day a little easier. So hope you keep feeling pretty good!
Love ya