Sunday, December 20, 2009

What is on your list this year????

I am asking everyone today what they want for Christmas just for posterity sake... so let's begin.

Will: I want a light. I want a car that can go up there! A lightsaber. cars and trucks. A carsaber! A badsaber! And a mickeysaber! (What the heck!)... oh and a birthdaysaber! Two bikes!

Sarah: I want a kitten (a real one) And some stuffed animals and fake ponies and that's all.

Lund: I want Bakugan stuff, and a Nintendo DS

Cassidy: I just want a bike, a karake machine, and books

Christa: I would like a new camera to that takes really great pictures, and video too.

Morgan: I want a new trampoline that isn't missing more than a third of it's springs creating what the kids have dubbed "the pit of Karkoon". Oh, and I want a bigger chin... a David Hasslehoff chin!


Bonnie Hynes said...

Morgan, what is with you and the chin! I've got a couple to spare...take one of mine, please!

Christa Johnson said...

it's not the amount we are talking about, it is the size. he doesn't want more chins, he wants more CHIN!!! Definitely a difference!!! he!He!

Farr Family said...

Christa your kids amaze me. They brought tears to my eyes with all of their love and support. Your family is awesome!!!! We love you so much! Thanks for the inspiration!!