Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Clause is coming to town... a lot!

This is a happy Sarah after winning the "M&M counting contest"----you know the one where everyone guesses how many M&M's in the jar and then the closest one wins the candy. Well, there were about 50 or so people there, adults and children, and Sarah turned to me and said, "there are 909 M&Ms". We entered her guess and sure enough there were 928 and she was the closest. She is still working on eating all of her very own M&M's. Good guessing Sarah!!!!

We have had many visits with Santa in the last little while and have loved every one. First, he came to the Steakhouse here in Bagdad, then we saw him again in Hillside at the Elementary Christmas program and then he made another visit to our church building last night for our ward Christmas party. Santa sure has been busy!!!! This is the first year that Will hasn't screamed his head off while seeing Santa and so that is a big improvement! My camera has been on the fritz, so I don't have too many pictures, but I wanted to post a few recent memories for all to see.

no, my son isn't wearing make-up, he just has a very pretty bruise!

Sarah and the Big Man!

Lund and Santa. he is wearing the beanie my aunt made for me since his bald head has been getting cold lately and my hair is hanging on for now!

Cassidy rambling off her list to Santa!

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Ian said...

I'm glad that you gave some explanation to Will's Eye...when I saw that picture i was actually wondering....
hahah. I guess I should have known Will to be "adventurous" more than interested in "girly tings":)