Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow.. and is that my nose bleeding??

Well, I suppose I always knew this day would come and I had been wondering if my head was just being stubborn. Everyone that knows me would understand that I have a very stubborn head, to go right along with a very stubborn personality!!! Well, everyday Morgan has been running his fingers through my hair and saying, "I just don't think it is going to fall out...." and even last night when he looked at his fingers after massaging my head he said, "Nope, not a single strand!" Oh what a mere 12 hours can do to a person...... I went to bed with stubborn, thick hair and I woke up with.... a nose bleed! wait, I know that has nothing to do with it, but that is true. I woke up this morning and had the first nose bleed of my life. I have successfully lived 31 years without one. I have gotten off lucky if you ask me, some people get these things all the time. I would have to say, since I had no experience to draw on, it was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt. It was like someone had turned my nose on just like you turn on a faucet. I learned really fast that tilting your head back is not the answer....uuuugggghhhh! I called Morgan on the phone and mumbled what was going on through a wad of tissues. I told him that if it didn't stop bleeding after a little while, I would probably need his help. But, just like any 2nd grader who gets them all the time, mine stopped after a bit of time as well. What a weird concept!
Back to the hair issue. So, once my nose bleed was over, I went to go take my usual morning shower and my head was hurting, not like a normal headache, but just tender and my scalp hurt if you touched it. I was washing my hair, and just like the books said, I was getting clumps of hair in my hands. I actually was quite amazed at the process and thoroughly washed my hair even though it meant losing a lot of it. I decided right then and there that today would be my last "hair day" for a while, so I did my hair and even plugged in a flower for good measure. I will see my hair again soon, it is just going to be on vacation for a while.

Also, the kids have been stir crazy and having "Christmas attacks" constantly. (If you don't know what a Christmas attack is, ask any one of the 10 Johnson children and they can tell you in great detail.) So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone... I set up a play date/ picnic at the Bagdad Community Campus gym and told everyone to bring their children, their lunches, and some food to share. The kids got to burn off some extra, bottled up energy and the moms got a chance to sit down and relax and chat (that's what we do best). It ended up being a wonderful idea for a rainy, cold day.

Will and his buddies rolling along on the big rolly thingy!

Will wanted a picture of "just me on top of the orange thingy"

This is Lund way across the gym, playing kickball with his buddies

Just rolling around!

Here are most of the moms (minus three) gathered together. (look, I have hair still)
Cassidy and Emms being their usual goofy selves!


Bonnie Hynes said...

I think the Johnson curses are slowly making their way into you! We are a nose-bleedin-bunch! Keep an eye out for the shelf!

annebabe said...

I had a nose-bleed once when I was pregnant with the twins and I did the same thing, called my husband! I was like, help, help, and he said, who is this? Anyway, the whole leaning your head back thing IS super gross. Blech.

And so its begun, your hair falling out. I love how you said its just going on vacation. :) There's that positive Christa attitude again!

My parents say to tell you hi and that not a single day goes by without remembering you in their prayers. Ditto for me too. Hope your Christmas is merry and bright and you feel loved and supported! :)

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Nose bleed, hmmm? Everyone should have at least one. The first one that I remember having was in the car when I was a kid and I stuck a popscicle stick up my nose and Gwen bumped my hand so it was Gwen's fault. Right?
Love to you.