Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's snowing and people are getting bald all at the same time!! Also known as... Snow and hair are falling all around!

Well, this will be my 2nd blog entry of the day (I started this entry last night and finished it today), but it has been a day full of new things! I called Morgan halfway through the day and told him that it was pretty much inevitable that it was time to shave my head... or I could tape my hair all back on... but I am a little too busy for that, so we went with option 1.
We started by letting the kids cut some of my hair so that they were involved in the whole process. Then Morgan got the clippers and had at it. And I was picturing this painful, pulling sensation and it wasn't like that at all. I couldn't even tell the buzzers were running over my head and I was pleasantly suprized that it felt good. Then I went to take a shower and I put some shampoo in my hand and then laughed. I decided to just use a bar of soap on my head and that worked wonders. What a wierd, new feeling. I did cry inside just a bit when I got out of the shower and saw my head in the mirror for the first time... but Morgan commented a whole bunch of times that I am simply beautiful and what a perfect head I have for shaving. Gosh, I love that man! oh, and by the way, a bald head is a cold head--- I am learning how to constantly wear something on my head, whether it is a scarf or a beanie. I haven't gotten to the "wig stage" yet, cause frankly, I am too lazy for that right now. I will worry about beauty another day!

Morgan took a few last shots of me with hair on my head....

One last shot with my pretty flower in my hair. A guy commented to me at the post office today, he said, "how can you be wearing a pretty flower today when it is so cold and dreary outside." I just told him, "I am celebrating the last hair day before it goes on vacation for a while, you would wear a flower too!" I think I stumped that poor old cowboy!

Lund wanted to cut my hair wearing his 3-D glasses, "why not?!"

Cassidy was thrilled to get her turn at the scissors...

At least she was thrilled until she had my hair in her hands!

Then Sarah took her turn and I decided to see if life was different in 3-D. I love that she is wearing ear muffs, maybe so she won't hear me scream!

then we decided it was time for Lund to get another haircut... his hair sure grows fast...he!he!

aggghhhhhhh.... much better!!!

the momma hair and the papa hair.

The end result is a very bald couple and lots of love!!!

But then again, I couldn't be sad for too long because we had this amazing dinner last night right after the "shaving party". It was homemade rolls, homemade oven baked chicken and a wonderful spinich salad with corn. Gotta love that good food! Morgan and I worked together to do all the cooking.... we sure do love cooking together!

And then to end the day on a wonderful note, it started snowing at around 9:00pm and we were sooooooo excited. This is Sarah trying to catch a flake on her tongue.

Here are my handsome boys after tithing settlement, enjoying the snow.

And my beautiful girls enjoying the snow as well!

This is a true "Arizona kid". He is out in the snow in his Pull-up!!!


T. Sipes said...

You look soooo cute with your beanie on!!! You are still as pretty as every!! Have a great Christmas and good luck this week. We love you guys.

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I love your family and can picture being there with you and your kids and your husband who also had a new hair style.
We are glad the Chemo is doing its things on fast growing cells -- which unfortunately also means hair. But those other fast growing bad guys are feeling their demize also. Love to all.
MOM and DAD JOHNSON in Upland (for now)

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

What a classy lookin' bald couple.

Bonnie Hynes said...

Christa, you look really good!?!?! I think it shows off your face, it actually looks really good! (Maybe even better than Morgan's "al")!! you are beautiful. I am interested to see this wig on you...it looks a lot like your old hair! I am amazed, you are amazing

Anonymous said...

Seriously Christa you are the most gorgeous bald couple I have EVER seen. (I am really not just saying that. Who knew?)I love you guys and your beautiful little family. I hope you have a great Christmas.


Heather Kimo Joy and Lilly