Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Wedgie wins it all!!!

Tonight was the Pinewood Derby races for Bagdad and it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself! of course that is because I was in charge of it... He!He! Actually the only way it ran smoothly was because so many willing people volunteered their time and smiles! Wonderful memories all around!
Last night Morgan and I and the kids got the cultral hall ready for the races tonight. We had wonderful helpers as well. Thank you Hulse's, Schultz family, and of course, Roberta! Thank you all! And before Morgan put Lund to bed he discussed with him that it is o.k. to lose and to be a good sport about it, etc. Well, he didn't get to put that wonderful discussion to good use because he won 1st place! We were amazed and excited and proud of our little man and his father. They really worked hard together on this project and they drew pictures together on the car and really bonded over the whole experience! I would have just been happy that his wheels didn't fall off while he went down the track, but 1st place, that was pretty awesome as well!!

His ribbon that I actually made myself would put Mr. T to shame because they were huge wooden medallions that I made and it was funny to see the boys in them, but of course, they loved it! All the boys went home with a certificate and Lund's certificate was "Most Aerodynamic car", and he said, "What does that mean? is that good??" he! He!

He was so proud of himself that when he got home he tacked up his stuff on his wall right above his bed and sacked out. We have impounded his car though because now he has to go onto Prescott on April 18th for the District finals. Fun times! I bet it is serious business there, not like my makeshift Pinewood Derby race, but we sure know how to have fun here in Bagdad!

this is what Morgan did the whole night... start cars off. What a trooper!

This is my favorite... Nathan is saluting his car as it speeds down the track!

here is the line up of the boys, front row seats for the race

Lund looks a little intense in this one!

Will waves the "Lund" flag to support his brother.

Carolyn Hulse holds our cute little treats made by my helpers, twinkies and mini oreo wheels. (thanks for the stolen idea Cooper Newman!)

All of the cars lined up in all their uniqueness!

Our three winners: Nathan, Taylor, and Lund

Will sees Lund's car unattended and he grabs it.... And then he runs!!!!!! Here is our proud boy all sacked out! Great day Lund!

p.s. good news: Will only jumped on the track ONCE during a race, grabbing a car! Everybody laughed as I ran over and picked him up by the back of his sweater his hands and arms still swimming, trying to grab more cars! he just couldn't stand so many cars that he couldn't play with!


shumaker clan said...

That sounds like a great night. I am glad that Lund won. It is always fun to be a winner. I love the twinkie car so I might have to steal it fo a dessert for our pine wood derby this Friday night. HA HA

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Those pictures and the narrative are great. It made us feel like we were there at the finish line. What a great event and fun memories. Congratulations to all!

Team Caldwell said...

the twinkie car is the bomb. i could have used that so many times and been the coolest! i will store that one away. Thanks!!!