Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Johnson Clan is early.... alert the press!!!

Last week we had Ward Conference and during our Relief Society/Priesthood combined lesson we had an awesome lesson about reverence and one thing that he touched on in particular was coming to sacrament early so that you have time to get ready to feel the spirit and not make too much noise for others around you. Plus, it is a good example for your children. So, I took the lesson to heart and I vowed to be early this week. And believe it or not, all the stars aligned and WE WERE EARLY!!!!!

I had to show some proof of our early admittance so I have a picture of our clock when we were ready to leave out the door and a couple of pictures to prove that we didn't attend in our underwear, we actually all had Sunday clothes on.

Lund took my "early bit" one step further and got ready one hour early so that he could leave with his dad. Of course, he took my Ipod Touch and played games for an hour. But hey, he was there!

P.S. This is also a great way to introduce you to our new clock that I am deeply in love with. We purchased the clock in behalf of my grandparents who passed away and left us a little bit of money. We had a plaque made that says it is from them and everything. And it plays "Ave Maria" beautifully!! I especially love to watch the pendulum swing! Also, the best part about it--- it is normally 700.00 at Costco, but because it was the display model, they sold it to us for 250.00. hooray!!!!!

Cassidy took these last two pictures. Way to go Cass!

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Alexis said...

congrats!! (and cute jacket!)