Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Plan of Salvation

o.k. everyone, this is going to be the hardest blog entry that I have ever written and I have debated not writting about it at all, but death is a part of life and the plan of salvation is sooo beautiful. This week, I have recieved a greater testimony of the gospel and my Heavenly Father's love for each of us.

On Wedensday at 4pm, my best friend's little boy, Logan (2 years old) was run over and killed out in front of his house. It was one of those things that you just can never see coming and it is everyone's worst fear. His daddy was leaving and he ran out to try to go with him. We really aren't and never will be sure of all the specifics, but he was swept under the tire and there was nothing the father could do. He died instantly and felt no pain. His brother, Canyon, spent the night at our house that night so Becky and Golden could be at the hospital with Logan and we had a lot of heart felt talks and Morgan was so wonderful with relating everything to scriptures.

Let me just tell you a few things I have learned in the last few days.....

1. kids have an amazing grasp on the plan of salvation and they are soooo great about knowing that Logan is with his Father in Heaven and that we will see him soon when he is resurrected.

2. I have learned soooo much about the comforting power of prayer

3. I have learned more about the Holy Ghost and his comforting power

4. I have learned so much about friendship and I love Becky sooooooooooooo much!

5. I have learned so much about the power of blessings and the power of the priesthood

6. I have learned what really matters in life--------FAMILY!

7. I have learned how awesome Bagdad really is because of the outpouring of love that was instant after the tragedy.

8. i have learned to drink lots of water when you are crying this much

9. I have learned soooooooo much about LOVE!

I have learned a whole lot more, but these are the things that come to my mind as most important.

The Bagdad community has been so amazing and they all want to help in so many ways. We have made the drop off spot for food, etc. across the street from the Brimhall's at our Primary President's home. Their garage is full of all the stuff and the Primary President brings over meals each day. It is just so amazing, the amount of love that is everywhere right now. The whole community is grieving together.

The funeral is this Wednesday at 10am at our ward building and the Bagdad schools have even cancelled school on Wednesday so the community can attend. Can you believe that? What an amazing community!

I am also really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, scared and and also honored at the same time because Becky and Golden have asked me to speak at the funeral and give his life story! I am praying a whole, whole, whole lot!
I love you all!!!!


T. Sipes said...

Thank you for your post. It is amazing how our small community pulls together with something like this. And I too am thankful for the plan of salvation. What would we do without the knowledge we have to get through this time. And you will do a great job talking at the funeral.

annebabe said...

i will be praying for you, that you will be guided and inspired by the Spirit as you speak at the funeral. my heart goes out to logan's family and it is only the knowledge of eternal families that can bring peace at times like these. how grateful i am for a merciful Father in Heaven who has given us the plan of salvation! thank you for posting. i have felt your testimony strengthen mine.

Dustin & Erin said...

I think they couldn't have picked a better person to speak... I know you'll do well, and that your love for this little boy and his family will shine through. My heart is breaking for them... Definitely a mother's worst fear. Luckily they have such amazing friends and an amazing community to rally together and pull them through...

Heather said...

My heart goes out to your friend. I cannot imagine the heartache that would come with having a child pass. What a hard thing!!! The great part about having the knowledge the gospel brings is that we know where he is, that this little boy is in good, loving hands and that that family can be together forever. What a comfort that knowledge brings.

Becky Rogers said...

When I heard of the news my heart just sunk. I feel so much for you friend...I hope she and her husband are okay and that they do know they will see him again! I am glad to have you as a sister and I know how hard this must be on you too.

rileymmega said...

I cried reading your post and feel so sad for your friend and for you also, but loved the title of your post and the knowledge that we TRULY do have as Latter Day Saints. You will do a wonderful job and i will pray that you will be guided by the Holy Ghost as you speak. Hang in there and i hope that all will be well with everyone involved. What a tradgedy, but our Heavenly Father knows all and has a purpose. Good luck.
Your friend,
Michelle riley

Christa Johnson said...

your comments are all so sweet! Thanks for all your love! I feel selfish though because I didn't mean for the post to be all about me, I just wanted everyone to know what was going on. Thanks again!
Lots of Love for all of you

Happy said...

Bishop and Sister Johnson;

Thank you for sharing this information for those of us who are not in Bagdad, but still has Bagdad in their blood. Our hearts are full of love and concern for The Brimhall family as well as all those who are interconnected with the Brimhall family. Please pass our love and support to them. Tara is thinking about coming out for a visit and Becky has asked her to wait until things calm down. I will be traveling to VA, to sit with her three, if she indeed does come out. I will let you know.

Love and hugs and kisses to you all in Bagdad.


Mark and Questa

Christa Johnson said...

Hey Questa, I hope Tara does get a chance to come out here. It is a good idea to wait until it all settles down a bit. that is a good time for a girlfriend to come and be here. I miss all you guys! Tell Tara and the kiddos I love them. Maybe I will see them soon.
P.S. If Tara needs a "landing spot" while she is here, she is always welcome to stay with us.

Farr Family said...

I couldn't read your whole post. Too hard of a day for. We love you!!!

Strong Family - said...

Hey. I've been thinking about you tons. What a hard thing for their family and all of you. I know you'll do great. Our prayers are with all of you! Lauree

Bonnie Hynes said...

holy moly Christa. Lately I have been so aware of my mortality and my kids mortality for no reason in particular. This is just another reminder that I need to be greatful for every moment that I have with them. Good luck, I will pray for you all too.

Dana and Tiff said...

Dang it and Bek are so good at making me cry!! Thank you for this post...even thought it made me cry, it is too sweet, you are so right about kids and their understanding, Canyon is such an awesome kid! I love him!! I am so glad that you are there with my sister since I can't be! :o) I wish I was there!