Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cassidy's Birthday, which was actually February 11th

Well, this post is a little belated because Cassidy actually celbrated her brithday last week. But, that is life in the Johnson home...

All she wanted for her birthday this year was money to buy her own presents and to go on a date with mom and dad and nobody else to see Inkheart, a book that she loves and we both read. So, to celebrate her love of books, she had a "book cake" created by her dad. Way to go Morgan! It turned out amazing!
Then, last Thursday, she took the day off of school and Morgan, Cassidy and I went to town to go on an all day date with Cassidy. We went to the movies, shopped at the mall, ate at any restuarant she wanted (Subway), and had loads of fun. She bought her own outfit from head to toe at The Children's Place and loved picking it all out on her own and using her own money to buy it. I just had to hold my tongue as she paid FULL PRICE for it all!!!! She bought other things at the mall and had a generally great time!!!
A cute memory that I will always remember took place at a store in the mall where she purchased two shirts. They put her stuff in a nice store bag and wrapped it in fancy tissue paper and she said, "Oh you wrapped it up because you knew it was my birthday!!!!" The cashier was great about it and just smiled and said, "Yup!"

Cassidy wanted to wear a tiara to school on her birthday. I figured, "why not, it's her birthday, what other time can you get away with wearing a tiara??"

Cassidy and her girlfriends at school. She enjoyed bringing cupcakes to her classmates.


Mandy said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe Cassidy is already 10. Looks like she had a fun day.

annebabe said...

happy birthday miss cassidy! way to go on the book cake, it looked great. and i love the idea of the mommy/daddy/cassidy only date. very cool. :) and i loved inkheart as well, haven't seen the movie yet though. what did you think of it?

Anonymous said...

Wow Cassidy - you are just getting better and better with age - one day it will be your book and movie that people are buying -
wow Bishop - what is with you and the cakes - who knew you had that kind of talent - way to go!
Wait - I am not supposed to wear my tiara everyday? Bummed out now!
Miss you guys - thanks for the blogs and the pictures. Becci

Team Caldwell said...

That is awesome! Sounds like she had a great time. That is our Kassidy's favorite things to do too! It must be the name. I see no problem with a tiara at all times. Get her a feather boa too and she will be little miss it!

Bonnie Hynes said...

yay! Happy birthday cassidy! We love you and I love the book inkheart too!

Team Caldwell said...

OK- so 2 questions... 1. my husband wants to know why your is making all the other non baker hubbys look bad!!! ha ha
2. how did you get the updated blog list? do you have to add all one at a time? I love that and am too retarded to figure it out!!

Farr Family said...

I can't believe Cassidy is 10. I remember going to the hospital when she was born. How time flies!!! You are such a great mom. Your kids are so lucky and blessed to have you as a mom.