Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mommy Make-up

So, Wednesday, the day after the Blue and Gold Banquet I spent the whole day playing "Mommy Make-up". I cancelled all of my stuff for that day and played with Sarah and Will pretty much the whole day, (along with intermittent laundry). We played "Littlest Pet Shop" and "Hotwheels" and I was the crocodile on the trampoline. We even ate Drumstick ice cream cones and when Will stared eating from the bottom, I didn't even complain! The kids said things like "You are the greatest mom in the whole world!" and other such goodies. Not exactly the same sentiments that they had a couple of days prior as I prepared for the Blue and Gold Banquet. So, now my heart feels a little bit better!!! At least until Pinewood Derby next month.....
Oh, and the other terrific thing is that we got to stay in our jammies all day long!!! That was an added bonus for sure!

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