Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa's lap and other momentos...

Lund asking Santa for his desired items...

Aiden Johnson telling Santa to just leave him alone!

Sarah asking for a bell of all things???? Maybe has to do with Polar Express?

Cassidy didn't want to sit on Santa's lap this year, she just sort of stood there and "demanded". Is she a teenager already???

Emily Hulse and Cassidy got to help Santa this year and be "elves" for him and pass out the stockings to the kids. They greatly enjoyed their job and authority it held.

Well, I am finally back and after a bit of an internet sabaticol. And all it took was a 2 hour phone call with a Dell reprentative. When he got grumpy on the phone I changed the subject and asked him what time it was where he lived and he said that it was five a.m. So I can understand why he was a bit grumpy.

So, here we go again and to start us out we will share some memories from our ward Christmas party that was this past Friday. Santa always makes a visit to our ward building to see the kids and stuff. This year he had a bit of a different experience because he didn't know as he walked up to the church building that Lund and a few of his goons were lying in wait for him. Lund started to chase him all around the building until the good Bishop had to go and stop his son from such nonsense. What was his excuse? He just wanted to see who Santa "really" was. He was punished and I don't think that he will be chasing any other white bearded men around town. Eight-year-old boys sure have a mind of their own.


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Christa, you could write a book about "the Boy who chased Santa"... might not be a best seller, but who knows. Glad to have you back on board -- or on Facebook!
Hope the Spirit of Christmas Presence (presents) and past are your best friends this year.

Pink Bling & Co. said...

Cassity is SO cute & SASSY! I love her! All your kids r SO beautiful!!! I luv 'em all!!!