Monday, December 22, 2008

More moments with Santa and other Christmas cheer

Can you say Cindy Lou Who????

It looks really tempting to bounce that ball right off of Will's head. Canyon would never do such a thing. He! He!

I am just here for the food!!

If I close my eyes, maybe he will just go away!

Will has never been a fan of Santa
Just give me the stocking and I am outta here!

Daniel was so funny, he loved to pet Santa's beard. He just LOVED Santa!

This is Douglas Sipes and he HATES to sit on Santa's lap. I think I have the same kind of picture of him every year. Why is this funny???? His dad is the one who always plays Santa!!

Brooklyn didn't quite know what to think of Santa. This is also Will's great buddy, Colter.

This is funny. Sam Davenport is giving Santa a "pound"!!!

Because I was the ward Christmas photographer at the Christmas party (self appointed of course), I got a lot of good pictures and just wanted to share these memories with all of you...


Mandy said...

Cute pictures! I hope that you guys have a very merry Christmas!

bek said...

i love the picture of sam and santa and the fact that "joshua" is making a cameo appearance by way of jen's tummy! logan is sitting here telling me "go back! go back!" to the pictures of his friends and santa!

The Davenports said...

Haha! Oh man...I didn't even realize my tummy was in the picture until I just read Becky's comment. That's funny! Thanks for posting these and I just love the one of Logan closing his eyes!