Monday, December 8, 2008

Alien's in my nose!! Well, not any more!! Hooray for Alien Removal Proceedure!

this is Will with his new friend from one of the nurses
Will and I waiting our turns on the gurney

Will was glued to the t.v. in the surgery waiting room, and tried to get a little Hispanic boy who spoke no English to come and join him, but the boy was too shy.

Doesn't Will look excited for his surgery???

I just had to put a picture of me wearing my lucky "Space Aliens" shirt due to the nature of the surgery, I though this shirt would be the most fitting. Thanks to Lund and Karen out there in North Dakota for the shirt. Hello all! Today was Surgery Day for Will and I at the Kingman Hospital. He was first with his tubes in his ears and I followed him with my Alien removal surgery. Actually, they are called nasal polyps, but tonight at family prayer I was saying the prayer and I forgot the name momentarily and so I said " and we are so grateful that the ... alien removal from my nose went well. " That kind of killed the Spirit. It is hard to keep a straight face when mom says the word "alien" in her prayer, especially if she also mentioned that they were in her nose. Wrong choice there, I suppose. He!He!
Everything did go beautifully and Will was amazing and gained about 10 new surrogate grandparents because the nurses just doted over him and spoiled him immensely.

They didn't spoil me as much- they stuffed a breathing tube down my throat and hacked up the inside of the nose, but I guess I am not as cute as a two-year-old with adorable blue eyes!

A couple of memories:

*When I was just coming around out of surgery and everything was very weird and voices were floating on clouds that hung over my head, I sort of heard the doctor talking to me. He said "The surgery went well and as it turned out, we didn't even need to pack your nose (translation: stuff like three feet of gauze up into your nose and on up into your brain!). I wasn't very with it when he told me this, but I knew enough to know that it was good news. I gave a huge smile from underneath the breathing mask. The doctor said to the nurse, "Hey, she just smiled when I said that, Amazing!" I was just glad to not be packed with gauze.

*Will got to be wheeled into his surgery in a red wagon. And so when it was my turn I asked for the wagon too. But then I said, "well, on the other hand let's not, my open gown in the back and me riding a red wagon that some nurse has to lug to the OR, not the prettiest mental image ever!" I opted out!

*Will was missing his usual cup of milk this morning immensely before his surgery due to fasting beforehand. One nurse kept trying to keep him entertained so she would say, "wait, let me go get you something" and he would instantly reply "you go get Will milk????"

*Later that same nurse gave Will about 3 glasses of milk and I told her she was an "Enabler". (which is just as bad as the addict in my book. He!He!)

Morgan wants me to go to bed soon because we got up at 4:45am to get to Kingman in time, but I just had to tell our tale of Surgery Day. Enjoy!


The Davenports said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing so well!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

WOW what a drug induced memory you have. Sounded like you remember a lot even with the medication. I lost a month of my life with medication. You even got to smile at the doctor though your mask. GREAT JOB for all involved on both sides of the veil.
We are glad your double surgery went well and you two are recovering pals. Morgan probably needs some recovering too.

Elder Johnson

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Christa, We did not know when you were going to the have AR (alien removal)but have prayed for you each day knowing that is was coming. Sounds like it went well. We are so glad. Will sounds like a trooper. Cheers (and prayers of gratitude) for you both! We love you and yours.

Becky Rogers said...

All of that is hilarious! Good luck recovering..try to take it easy??? Is that possible being a mom?