Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Turkey Day moments

Candin performing a makeover on Sarah, one of her favorite things
the bishop drinking wine!!! o.k. apple cider

this was just our first course of the meal, amazing huh???? the rest was just as wonderful

Uncle Justin showing off the first course of the meal

everybody hanging out before we ate...

My nephew Brody Rogers being so super cute...

Kayla displaying a laminated menu for her Thanksgiving feast (she put all of it together, with the help of her mom, for a Young Women's project). She did an excellent job!

The table set and ready to go (for the adults at least)

Sarah watching a movie on Aunt Alisha's big screen in her "Movie room"

Cute cousins, Candin and Cassidy hanging out together

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Anonymous said...

My stars!!! I have eten in some pretty fancy white tablecloth restaurants in my life and what Kayla did was right up there with the best of them. Well done Kayla -I can see you on the next edition of top chef!!!! Becci Fairchild