Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My cubbies are at it again....

My Cub Scouts met this evening at my house for our den meeting. I wanted them to concentrate on being thankful for everything this Thanksgiving. So here they are with the craft that we made tonight. I call him "Thankful Tom" and what I had the boys do after they finished this craft was take their turkey home and hang it up and everyone in their family had to write a couple of things that they were thankful for. Hopefully, they will remember that we are all so blessed!

I put my "Thankful Tom" up right under some pictures of the Savior in my family room so that I will remember to be thankful and to remember from whence all blessings flow!

p.s. we had a good laugh with Cassidy tonight who always loves to come to Scouts because it is at our house and she loves to be involved in all the stuff the boys are doing. She decided not to finish her "Thankful Tom" and even drew tears under his eyes, so we dubbed her turkey "Pathetic Patrick" and you can see her proudly holding it in the front row of the pictures. (She is not a "back row" type of personality!) He!He! We love our Cass and we love our Pathetic Patrick!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Here is a Thanksgiving Day Poem I learned when I was in Scouts: I found it again on the usscouts. web sight.
Thanksgiving comes on Thursday by the President’s decree;
But Friday, good old Friday is Thanksgiving Day to me.
There’s lots to eat on Thursday, just heaps and piles of stuff;
But mother always worries for fear there’s not enough.
So many folks for dinner, she’s sure that some will starve,
And whispers to my father, “Do be careful how you carve.”
“And as for you,” she warns me, and I’ve heard it all before,
“No matter what we pass, don’t ask for any more.”
But Friday, one day after, she doesn’t feel that way.
I’ve heard it all so often, I know she’s going to say.
“Whoever would have guessed it, to see those people eat,
That on this turkey’s carcass, there’d be left a shred of meat?”
“I thought before they finished, we should have to cook its mate
But there’s quite a lot left over, come, Willie, pass your plate!”
Thanksgiving may be on Thursday, by the President’s decree,
But Friday, oh boy, Friday is Thanksgiving day to me.
And it isn’t only turkey, for there’s nuts, and fruit, and pie,
And no one counting noses with a watchful, worried eye.
There’s joy in every cabinet, a surprise on every shelf;
And only gentle warnings if I go and help myself.

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Have you checked out:

It is sort of an on line round table.

Farr Family said...

I love the turkeys!! I know you are a great leader!