Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Terrible Two's at their best, (or worst), it just depends how you look at it..

O.K. so here is a poem I wrote in about five seconds while the pictures were uploading for this entry. I know it is a corny poem, but it kind of describes his life right now. And the crazy thing is, I actually do watch him, so how does he do these things????? If you are a wise, experienced mom with answers, go ahead and take a stab at that one...

O.K. so what do you do
when your son is covered in blue?
when he finds the flour
and decides to make a shower?

oh, what do you do...

so, what do you do
when he shows a knife to you
and he sure looks just like
that scary guy named Mike?

Oh, what do you do???
Oh, I know what you should do
Blame it one the fact that he is two!!!

p.s. there has to be a scary guy named Mike in one of those crazy horror shows...

This is Colter, Will's little partner in crime...


T. Sipes said...

That is funny! I can so relate to that. You are always welcome to bring him over and throw him in with our dog with Douglas.

bek said...

hey don't you have a pic of lund covered in flour too??? thats hilarious