Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Surprize Party!!!

o.k. so this has taken me all week to get to, but it has been a REALLY busy week, so that is my excuse.
Wednesday was Morgan's birthday, but we (Cassidy, Lund, and I) decided to throw him his first surpize party ever! So, we had it on Monday and called it a Family Ward Family Night Party and we had over 60 people there, which is probably more than we have at church some weeks. So, it was a great turn out. We played games like Pin the Tie on the Bishop and Make your Own Balloon Animal, which meant that Morgan didn't have to make any that night!

It was so fun and I can't believe that it actually turned out without Morgan finding out about it. I lucked out that he was on a Scouting outing last Friday and Saturday so while he was gone, Cassidy and Lund and I snuck to Prescott and picked up his present. It was a grill that he had been drooling over for a while and he had no idea that we got it. We got all the party suplies and the grill and came home at 2:ooam and then had to pretend we weren't tired the next day when he came home. We then passed out invitations to all the ward members and told them not to say anything, which was extremely hard because we had ward potluck the next day. Who said Mormons can't keep a secret???
Then all day Monday I set up the backyard and that was quite a feat and I had some help from some amazing sisters in the ward. All the while I had to pretend that nothing was going on when he called, and he called about 8 times that day..

Eventually he got home after I stalled him sufficiently with things like, "Could you go pick up a Magic Eraser at the store for me?" "What you don't know where they are, well could you look all over the store for me???" And after all of this, he came home and was kind of confused to see the backyard set up for a party, he just looked at me and I told him it was a party for his first counselor in the Bishopric. So he started grilling on his old grill and more and more people were coming and they each brought their own meat (thankfully!). I commented that we could sure use another grill. Our friends pulled up and backed up their truck and there was Morgan's fully assembled new grill with Brother Anderson holding the hot charcoals, praying they wouldn't spill on his lap. We started to sing "Happy Birthday" and he said, "Wait, isn't this for Brother Mentzer?" We explained it was for him and a little comprehension started to show on his face...

We did have another grill that was identical for Brother Mentzer due to some last minute planning between myself and his children so when he came we got to sing again and present another grill.
It was an amazing event!! And Morgan still can't believe how decietful I had been behind his back! I am good, what can I say!

I hope he remembers this birthday forever! I know that I will and I am really sure that Cassidy and Lund will because they were helpers during the whole process.

Everyone trying to make their own balloon creations...

More balloon creations..

showing off each of their creations...

The girls in the ward helping Brother Mentzer blow out his candles

This is how Will decided to eat his cake and ice cream... Maybe his mom should have given him a fork!

We gave Morgan some "real" juggling balls for his birthday so he can be a true clown

Here is Morgan and Brother Mentzer and the "Bishop" we used for "Pin the Tie on the Bishop"

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Pink Bling & Co. said...

How fun! I wish I could have come! Too bad we're a little FAR away!! HAHA! Love ya, XOXO!!!