Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mignight Madness at Twilight Premiere

I need to catch up on my week and one of the highlights was this past Thursday and the Twilight Midnight Showing. Can you really say Twilight and Midnight in the same sentence??? that seems kind of weird! Better put-- it was the "Twilight" movie at Midnight.
o.k. so enough of that confusion, I was the "designated driver" for this spectacular event. In the Mormon world, "designated driver" means you have a big enough vehicle to haul everyone and you have had a Dr. Pepper so you aren't going to fall asleep on the drive there or back. So I qualified and we were off. There were five of us total and various camping chairs and jackets and blankets and gloves, so we needed to take my Pilot which seats eight to fit it all. We had a variety of ladies with us and it made for such an awesome evening! We had the Senior English Teacher from Bagdad High School, Sarah McRoberts, a college student at BYU-Idaho, Sara Mentzer, and three moms, myself, Becky Brimhall, and Destiny Bolinger. We had lively conversation on the way there and had to fill Sarah McRoberts in on such terms as "Premee's, RM's" and the like. She isn't a member and was a little confused by some of our conversation. I think next time we should bring a translation book along, that would probably be easier.
We got to the movie theater and didn't even have to wait outside (thank goodness)! We ditched our blankets, camping chairs and gloves and headed into the theater to wait it out. It was only about 8 o'clock at this time and the line consisted mostly of twelve-year-old girls, so we decided to head out for a while and eat some dinner. We hit the Garcia's across from the theater and we got to tease Sara Mentzer because she thought Garcia's served Italian food. I asked her how many of her Italian friends had the last name of Garcia?! We all had a good laugh and good food and great company.
We went back and the crowd was slowly growing older, teenagers and their poor dates that were probably dragged there kicking and screaming, and even a few other ladies our age!
I would just like to thank Prescott Valley Harkins and the wonderful General Manager who seated us at 9pm so we could wait out the last three hours in comfortable seats. He desirves a ribbon for that one! I did wish I had some sort of game system by this point or at least solitare on my cell phone. No such luck, so we had fun waiting out the hours by doing what we do best--- talking!!!
The did a great job of making the movie follow the book. It isn't easy to get everything exactly right when you are dealing with werewolves, vampires and the like. But very well done and I loved it!!!! I have never been in an "interactive" theater where everyone cheers and swoons, etc. It was quite the experience. I think it could have qualified for a ride at Disneyland, and it made for a wonderful experience! We finally got back to Bagdad at 4:30am and I got a quick three hours of sleep before the morning began.

Well, back to "Normal Life" where there are only mountain lions, scorpions, and rattlesnakes, nothing exciting there!! He! He!

In front of the theater at 2:30am, proof that we really went!

We tried to pose with the actors, but this was as close as we got!

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